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The different Wise Owl courses for Access explained

This page gives a summary of our 3 main Access training courses.  You can see more details about our Access training on our main main Access training courses page.

Access for Developers

This three-day course shows you how to build databases in Microsoft Access.  The first part of the course shows you how to build databases, including creating relationships:

Database relationship diagram

Learn how to build databases, set primary keys and create relationships.

The course then explains how to create queries and reports, and build forms:

Access form

Learn how to create forms like this one!

The course also shows how to create reports like this one:

Access report

A sample Access report.

Finally, the course includes enough VBA to learn how to link forms together.

Access Visual Basic for Macros (VBA)

Our two-day Access VBA course shows you how to write Visual Basic for Applications code in Access, so you'll learn how to make sense of code like this:

Private Sub Courseware0Id_AfterUpdate()


Me.Courseware1Id = Null

Me.Courseware2Id = Null

Me.Courseware2Id.Visible = False


'if nothing chosen, hide next level

If IsNull(Me.Courseware0Id) Then

Me.Courseware1Id.Visible = False

Exit Sub

End If


'otherwise, allow user to choose next level

Me.Courseware1Id.RowSource = s

Me.Courseware1Id.Visible = True


End Sub

We also run a two-day advanced VBA course, for experienced VBA programmers.

Access Querying

Finally, Wise Owl run a one-day Access querying course, for those who just need to get data out of their corporate database:

Sample Access query

Learn how to write queries like this one, as well as understand how to create and use tables in Access.


This course is an alternative to the three-day developer course, not a prequel!

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