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Who should do the skils assessment tests

Wise Owl's skills assessment tests have been available to do online since December 2010.  During this time nearly half a million people have completed a test.

People who have found our tests useful include:

Category Notes
Interviewers If you're considering a candidate for a job, you can use our tests to determine whether someone really knows about a software application, or is just bluffing!
Interviewees Use our tests to find out whether you're as proficient as you think you are in any particular program.
Bored lunchers Want something to do while you eat your sandwiches?  Take a test to see how you rate compared to the thousands of other people who have gone before you.
Would-be techies If you're trying to learn to use a particular software program, you can use our tests to see how much you know, and how far you still have to go ...

So the answer to the question of who should take our tests  is ... you!

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