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Create a new database called HistoricalEvents.

Using the diagram below as a guide, create two new tables:

  • tblCountry, to hold various countries around the world
  • tblEvent, to hold famous dates in history (including the id number of the country in which they occurred)

Create 2 new tables (and link them) to produce the following database diagram:

SQL exercise - Creating databases - overview (image 1)

Each country can have many different historical events

Enter a few of the great dates in history (your birthday should be one of them).  If it helps, Preston North End last won the FA cup on 30th April 1938 (they beat Huddersfield 1-0 in the last minute of extra time). 

After 29 minutes of extra time it was still 0:0 and BBC commentator Thomas Woodrooffe said "if there's a goal scored now, I'll eat my hat". Seconds later, Preston were awarded a penalty, from which George Mutch scored the winning goal; Woodrooffe kept his promise.

Close down your tables and database diagram.

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