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Classroom training -  Python programming

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Python Programming

Live online training course - classroom version also available

£1,295 + VAT (where applicable)

Three days (09:30 to 16:30 UK time each day)

If you work with data, the chances are that you'll have heard of Python.  You can use this versatile language to interrogate databases, scrape websites, produce statistical analysis of data ... and so much more. 

This three-day course lets you find out what you've been missing.  You'll learn not just how to write Python code but how to write good Python code (our trainers have many years of experience of building systems in VB, C#, SQL and other languages).  Starting with the foundations of any programming language (such as variables, conditions and loops), you'll quickly move on to as many real-life examples as we can squeeze into the time available, using the powerful (and freely available) Visual Studio as a coding environment.

Course schedule

Here are our next few online Python programming course dates:

Dates Times Price (excl. VAT)
13-15 Sep 09:30-16:30 £1,295 Book
05-07 Oct 09:30-16:30 £1,295 Book
09-11 Nov 09:30-16:30 £1,295 Book
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Got a handful of like-minded people in your organisation? You could consider creating your own customised online course to run on a date convenient to you).

Course Contents

The contents of this course are as follows:

Getting started

  • What Python is used for
  • Visual Studio
  • Creating Python projects
  • The interactive window

Basic coding

  • Working with variables
  • Getting input
  • Printing output

Debugging programs

  • Stepping through code
  • Setting breakpoints

Working with data types

  • Manipulating strings
  • Formatting numbers
  • Referencing dates
  • Getting and converting type


  • Sequential ranges
  • Custom ranges

Lists and tuples

  • Creating lists
  • Appending, popping, etc
  • Lists versus tuples

Covered if time allows If time

Working with sets

  • Creating sets
  • Set operations

Covered if time allows If time


  • Key/value pairs
  • Retrieving items

Slicing and splitting

  • Slicing strings
  • Slicing lists
  • Splitting and joining

Conditions and loops

  • Testing conditions
  • Looping over lists
  • Enumerating lists

Covered if time allows If time

Comprehensions and maps

  • Lambda functions
  • Mapping functions to lists

Working with files

  • Opening and closing
  • Using WITH
  • Reading and writing
  • Looping over lines

Functions and modules

  • Defining functions
  • Importing modules
  • Passing arguments
  • Optional arguments

Error handling

  • The try clause
  • Handling exceptions

Useful standard modules

  • Maths functions (MATH)
  • Operating system calls (OS)
  • Regular expressions (RE)

Working with web pages

  • The REQUESTS module
  • Scraping websites
  • Processing HTML

Covered if time allows If time

Working with JSON

  • The JSON module
  • Loading and dumping data

Working with databases

  • The PYODBC module
  • Connections and cursors
  • Looping over rows

Data analysis

  • NumPy and Panda
  • Shaping data
  • Creating dataframes

Visualising data

  • An overview of MatPlotLib
  • Python visuals in Power BI

You can download a PDF file giving the course contents.

Benefits of our online training

Here are some reasons to choose Wise Owl online courses:

  • Maximum of 5 people per class
  • Excellent colour courseware manual posted to you in advance
  • Pre-course set-up included in the days before the course
  • No need to install any software on your computer
  • All courses given by one of our 6 Wise Owl trainers
  • 550 references viewable online

What other people have said

Many thanks to those listed below for kindly agreeing to let us use their names. All of the reviews are from the last 3 calendar years (although some may be for classroom courses):

"Very patient and friendly instructor."

Joyce Chow (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

"The Trainer was great. The pace was quick enough to keep you focused but not so quick that we got lost. He was very good at talking us through any problems we encountered."

Morgan McGreevy (Valuation Office Agency)

"(Intro Power BI) The trainer's pace was perfect for course. He understood the level at which candidates were at and paced the course accordingly. (Adv Power BI) Excellent course! A lot to take in but the supporting info is superb."

Leo Skelly (Prima Group)

"The trainer was more than helpful in answering our questions and as online courses are a bit different than in person, he made me feel welcome and got to know everyone. The course was an introduction to SQL and i expected I'd know most concepts but I still found it very useful in finding different ways to achieve the same goal. Only downside was there were no Hobnobs and coffee in the post! Recommended by our Line manager due to quality documentation and level of teaching."

Adam Hughes (Volac International Ltd)

"Very good organisation and pace. Very easy to stay engaged and focused. "

Roberto Roselli (Waltham Forest Council)

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How our live online training courses work

We've published a full summary of what it's like to attend a Wise Owl course online - here are the main things you need to know.

What you'll need

You'll need three things for the course:

  1. A computer (obviously) running Windows.
  2. A good internet connection.
  3. A microphone and (ideally) webcam.

In addition you'll find the course very difficult without an additional monitor (so that you can participate in the course on one screen, and use the software you're learning on the other).

What will happen when you book a place

Within a few hours of your booking a place on one of our online courses, we'll be in touch to get you set up correctly.  This usually takes about half an hour, and can be done at any mutually convenient date/time.

A few days before your course begins you'll receive a parcel in the post (free for UK bookings) containing:

  • A full colour courseware manual;
  • An exercise booklet to go with the course; and
  • A USB stick containing the files for the course, should you need a back-up.

Your parcel will even include a Wise Owl Sheaffer biro (they're good; trust us) and pad.

What you won't need

You won't need to install any software at all on your computer.  This is because:

  • you'll use Windows Remote Desktop to connect to our computers, and these will have all of the necessary files and software installed; and
  • we use Teams for our online training, which you can run through most modern browsers.
On and after the course

On the day of the course itself you will be able to join the course up to half an hour before it begins. This will give you time to:

  • familiarise yourself with the set-up;
  • meet your trainer; and
  • get to know the other delegates!

After the course finishes you'll receive an electronic certificate proving your attendance (we will gladly send a paper copy on request also).

You can see full details of exactly how our online courses work here.