Power BI | Introduction to DAX exercise | Create a couple of measures to show average Brexit votes

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Software ==> Power BI  (88 exercises)
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Topic ==> Introduction to DAX  (3 exercises)
Level ==> Relatively easy
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Create a new Power BI file, and load the Excel workbook from the above folder; you can go to the original Electoral Commission source data from a link here or at http://bit.ly/2IPA9JS.

Create a measure to show for any filter context the total remain vote divided by the total electorate.  Here's what this should show:

Remain votes first

The first few rows of a table showing our measure by area (note that we've formatted it as a percentage).


The measure should be a simple calculation of the form SUM(X) / SUM(Y).

Too easy?  Create another measure to show the total value for any filter context of the difference between the leave and remain votes, to get something like this:

Total leave surplus

Although it was only the 5th highest in the remain votes table by proportion of electorate, City of Edinburgh contributed by far the most votes to the remain cause.


Use the SUMX function to sum the expression X - Y over the Voting table, where X = the number of leave votes and Y = the number of remain votes.

Save this as Water under the bridge, then close down the Power BI instance you're using.

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03 Oct 19 at 15:30

Total Remain = sum(Voting[Remain])

Total Leave = SUM(Voting[Leave])

Total Electorate = sum(Voting[Electorate])

Avg = divide([Total Remain],[Total Electorate],0)

Diff = [Total Leave]-[Total Remain]

18 Sep 19 at 16:39

I'm very new at DAX, this are my solutions: 

Measure 1 = SUM(Voting[Remain])/SUM(Voting[Electorate])

Measure2 = CALCULATE( (SUM(Voting[Leave])-(SUM(Voting[Remain]))))*0.001

Does anyone have the real ones? Or just a different way?