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30 years in business
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Classroom training -  Introduction to Power Automate

Online Training

Power Automate Introduction 2-day training course

Live online training course - classroom version also available

£695 + VAT (where applicable)

Two days (09:30 to 16:30 UK time each day)

If you use cloud-based Microsoft applications such as Teams, SharePoint and Office 365, or want to generate surveys quickly using Forms, Power Automate can make your life easier by automating the repetitive tasks that a human (you, probably!) would otherwise have to do. Learn how to get your computer to do things automatically on your behalf, freeing you up for other more interesting work!

Course schedule

Here are our next few online Introduction to Power Automate course dates:

Dates Times Price (excl. VAT)
18-19 Oct 09:30-16:30 £695 Book
21-22 Nov 09:30-16:30 £695 Book
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Got a handful of like-minded people in your organisation? You could consider creating your own customised online course to run on a date convenient to you).

Course Contents

The contents of this course are as follows:

Getting started

  • What Power Automate is and does
  • Software licensing overview
  • Logging on

Creating flows

  • Using templates
  • Creating new flows
  • Viewing the underlying JSON

Basic flow concepts

  • Adding actions
  • Understanding triggers
  • Setting variables

Conditions and loops

  • Syntax of conditions
  • Condition groups
  • Switch statements
  • Types of loop

Basic expressions

  • Syntax of expressions
  • Common functions

Automating Excel 365

  • Signing on to Office 365
  • Common Excel actions


  • Linking to email servers
  • Creating flow rules
  • Downloading attachments
  • Working with Outlook

Files and folders

  • OneDrive, DropBox, etc
  • Copying and moving files
  • Other file/folder operations


  • Linking to SharePoint
  • Working with SharePoint lists
  • Copying and moving files
  • Storing data in SharePoint


  • The Teams bot
  • Connecting to Teams
  • Posting content
  • Adding calendar items


  • SQL Server gateways
  • Linking to Azure
  • Connecting to databases
  • Retrieving/changing data


  • Creating online forms
  • Types of input
  • Publishing surveys
  • Processing replies

Covered if time allows If time

Approval flows

  • Automated vs instant
  • Managing approval flows
  • Sequential vs parallel

Handling errors

  • Debugging techniques
  • Logging errors

Power Platform integration

  • Linking to Power BI
  • Linking to Power Apps

You can download a PDF file giving the course contents.

Benefits of our online training

Here are some reasons to choose Wise Owl online courses:

  • Maximum of 6 people per class
  • Excellent colour courseware manual posted to you in advance
  • Pre-course set-up included in the days before the course
  • No need to install any software on your computer
  • All courses given by one of our 6 Wise Owl trainers
  • 519 references viewable online

What other people have said

Many thanks to those listed below for kindly agreeing to let us use their names. All of the reviews are from the last 3 calendar years (although some may be for classroom courses):

"I enjoyed the on-line course and the pace at which it was taught. I feel I can now tackle SQL queries and hope to build my confidence in this area. The teaching was clear and well explained."

Louise France (Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust)

"The course went very well and has given me a good insight into the SQL scripts and data extraction. The course structure was very good and covered a lot of the processes that I was unsure about. The trainer was great and made sure we were all progressing through the training sessions together, and was more than happy to explain any questions we had, or processes we did not understand. I have now been able to put into practice what I have learned from the course. "

Jaik Joseph (Derby and Burton Hospitals NHS FT)

"Liked the flexibility of the trainer to vary and adapt the content of the course dependent on our needs. Prior knowledge of Wise Owl by one of the team members, lead to our choice."

Iain Stemp (The Cambridge Building Society)

"I was happy with the course. The trainer knows his stuff and answered all our questions easily. He also ensured that he addressed any gaps in our knowledge. The course materials are clear. I will have to go back to go through some exercises but I feel far more confident in being able to understand, create or modify more complex SQL scripts now."

Christine Milling (L&Q Group)

"For an online course, I thought it was excellent. The IT worked very smoothly and our trainer was very engaging."

Nigel Flower (Devon County Council)

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How our live online training courses work

We've published a full summary of what it's like to attend a Wise Owl course online - here are the main things you need to know.

What you'll need

You'll need three things for the course:

  1. A computer (obviously) running Windows.
  2. A good internet connection.
  3. A microphone and (ideally) webcam.

In addition you'll find the course very difficult without an additional monitor (so that you can participate in the course on one screen, and use the software you're learning on the other).

What will happen when you book a place

Within a few hours of your booking a place on one of our online courses, we'll be in touch to get you set up correctly.  This usually takes about half an hour, and can be done at any mutually convenient date/time.

A few days before your course begins you'll receive a parcel in the post (free for UK bookings) containing:

  • A full colour courseware manual;
  • An exercise booklet to go with the course; and
  • A USB stick containing the files for the course, should you need a back-up.

Your parcel will even include a Wise Owl biro (they're good; trust us) and pad.

What you won't need

You won't need to install any software at all on your computer.  This is because:

  • you'll use Windows Remote Desktop to connect to our computers, and these will have all of the necessary files and software installed; and
  • we use Teams for our online training, which you can run through most modern browsers.
On and after the course

On the day of the course itself you will be able to join the course up to half an hour before it begins. This will give you time to:

  • familiarise yourself with the set-up;
  • meet your trainer; and
  • get to know the other delegates!

After the course finishes you'll receive an electronic certificate proving your attendance (we will gladly send a paper copy on request also).

You can see full details of exactly how our online courses work here.