Power Automate Desktop | Working with Excel exercise | Get the name of someone and use this to create a new Excel workbook

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Software ==> Power Automate Desktop  (18 exercises)
Version ==> Latest version
Topic ==> Working with Excel  (3 exercises)
Level ==> Relatively easy
Subject ==> Power Automate training

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The aim of this exercise is to create your very own personalised Excel workbook:

Your workbook

This file should not only bear your name, but also have it typed into cell A1 (everyone likes to see their name in ... cells).


Create a new flow (called It's all about me).  Start by using an input dialog to capture your user's name in a variable called PersonName (no need to capture the button chosen though):

Input dialog

Your input dialog should ask for someone's name, and store this in a variable.


Now add actions as follows:

Action Notes
Launch Excel Start Excel with a blank worksheet.
Write your name Use the Write to Excel worksheet action to write the PersonName variable to the active cell (for a new workbook this will be A1).
Save your file Use the Save As option for the Save Excel action to save your workbook using the name PersonName (see below this table for how to do this).
Close Excel At this point you can close Excel without saving any changes (since you've just saved your workbook).
Display a message Use a Display message action to show a reassuring message saying that you now have a new file bearing your name.

Here are the Save Excel action parameters that you can use:

Save Excel parameters

You can build up a suitable document path based on the value of the variable called PersonName.


When you've written your flow, test that it works.

Don't be too ambitious!  Your flow will crash if you choose the Cancel button at any point, or if your name happens to contains any special characters which can't form part of a file name.

Check that you have only created two variables:

Two variables

You should only have one variable for the Excel instance you opened, and one to hold the name of the person.


Save your flow and then close it!

You can unzip this file to see the answers to this exercise, although please remember this is for your personal use only. Our Power Automate exercises answers are provided as text files - you can see how to assemble these back into PAD flows here.
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