Wise Owl's quarterly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 10 - May 2013

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What's new in PowerPoint 2013

If you're a regular user of PowerPoint, you'll want to know what the future holds!  The biggest change in PowerPoint 2013 is Presenter View, which allows you to see speaker notes and navigate easily between pages while presenting a slide show, but there are lots of other changes.

Sabotage your colleagues' computers

Surely those good folks at Wise Owl, that responsible upholder of good computing practices, aren't educating people in how to write viruses?  Well, no - but if you want to have a bit of fun with Excel macros, we've written a blog to show you how.  Learn how to create a workbook which won't shut, can't be left and speaks back to you when you ask for help.

Bring in the experts

Not many people are gurus in Excel, SQL Server, Access and .NET, and have the ability to pass on this knowledge.  If you want help with any aspect of a computer system, Wise Owl can provide independent, informed advice and consultancy based on our 20+ years of experience of IT.  An initial investment of £750 plus VAT for a day's consultancy could save you many thousands of pounds down the line, by helping you to avoid making wrong decisions.

Monitor your website

Want to know who links to your competitor's website?  You can run AHRefs for free on any URL (website address) to see (it's worth having a look for the pretty graphs alone). Alternatively, you can download a trial version of SEOMoz for pretty much the same information. 

Fun site of the month: GeoGuessr

Want to explore the world without leaving your desk? GeoGuessr allows you to do just that: you get shown a streetscape and can explore it at will.  You then have to click on a map of the world to guess where you think you are.  It's a good way to while away a few minutes, and to dream that you're somewhere sunny …

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