Wise Owl's quarterly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 8 - September 2012

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Make Google perform tricks!

Did you know that you can make Google tilt? Or do a barrel roll? Or show you the directions to Mordor? If you have a spare 5 minutes, have a look at some of the features bored Google programmers have created.

Why WPF is a good bet for the future

Having grown used to WPF (and climbed some way up the impressively long learning curve), we're going to come out and say it loud: WPF is better than Windows Forms.  If you're about to develop a client-based application using the .NET framework, we've come up with 10 reasons why you should use the new WPF methodology.

Code clubs for 9-11 year olds / Scratch

A huge voluntary project aims to have code clubs available in a quarter of all UK primary schools by 2014.  Initially lessons will use the child-friendly Scratch programming language, before going onto more advanced languages.  Find out more here!

New feature requests for Excel 20xx

Having been training in Excel for a long time, we've got a fair idea of what it should do. Here's an open letter to Bill Gates (or whoever it is who runs Microsoft these days) with 12 suggested improvements for the next version of Excel.

Wise Owl videos on YouTube

We mentioned a while back that we had posted our first training video on YouTube, but since then they've grown in size and scope. There are now more than 50 videos online, on Project, Excel, SQL and Reporting Services.

Facebook in Latin or Pirate-speak

Facebook supports a wide variety of languages.  As well as the obvious ones, you can use Pirate Speak (What be troublin' ye?), Latin (Quid cogitas?) and upside-down English (as pointless as it sounds).  Find out how to change your Facebook experience.

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