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30 years in business
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Wise Owl's monthly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 58 - July 2022

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Wise Owl are embracing the cloud, with 3 new Power Automate courses

Wise Owl are (finally) embracing the cloud, with three new Power Automate courses.  There's our two-day Introduction to Power Automate course, with the first scheduled dates in October (and bookable as a tailored course thereafter); a new two-day Advanced Power Automate course covering topics we couldn't squeeze onto the introduction one; and a new three-day Fast Track to Power Automate course, aiming to cover the basics of both Power Automate and Power Automate Desktop in one intensive session, available for booking from November.  We've also published a handy comparison of Power Automate and Power Automate Desktop, in case you're wondering what the difference is between them!

Why we're investing so much in the GUI software PyQt5, and how we're getting on

Our current home-grown website CMS (Content Management System) has been creaking at the seams for some time now - it barely deserves the title CMS.  We thought we'd explain why we're going for a Python GUI system to edit our HTML (and not a web-based or Microsoft one), and look at how QT works and whether you should be using it.

In a major update to our Power Apps course we remembered why we liked this software so much

We've updated our two-day Power Apps course to include new features such as horizontal and vertical containers and dynamic dropdowns (and existing ones such as charts).  If you've already been on the course, you can learn what's changed since (and if you haven't, you should - it's fun!).

Power BI news: a modest June update, some new bugs and ideas for our next Tableau comparison videos

The June Power BI update has a few small changes, but we're also noticing a few bugs too in this update (some quick measures aren't being created, and undoing with Ctrl + Z can sometimes cause strange behaviour).  We're also taking this opportunity to ask you to suggest ideas for our next videos comparing Power BI and Tableau.

Results from last month's word search, and why this will be the last such competition for some time

Congratulations to Michelle Ashworth of Rochdale Council for winning last month's Harry Potter word search competition (you can see the answer here).  This will be the last such blog for some time, as we've decided to stop publishing competitions for a while (there are a few reasons for this).

A farewell (and thank you) to Karen, and a big hello to Shaun the Sheep (Sam's new penalty tattoo)

Many thanks to Karen of Goodness Marketing for providing such excellent marketing support over the last 3 years or so - she will be missed (among many other things Karen created our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn campaigns, and is the reason this newsletter exists).  As one door closes ... a big welcome to Shaun the Sheep, Sam's tattoo (regular readers of this newsletter will understand why he got it!).

An Oregon man has broken the record for sorting a can of alphabet spaghetti into alphabetical order

How long would it take YOU to pick out every letter of the alphabet from a tin of alphabet spaghetti?  It took Jacob Chandler from Oregon 2 minutes and 8.6 seconds, as you can see here.

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