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Established May 1992
30 years in business
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30 years in business
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Wise Owl's monthly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 57 - June 2022

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Power BI vs Tableau here

There are two big beasts in the BI market - Power BI from Microsoft, and Tableau from Salesforce. But how do they compare?  We clearly only know about Power BI, so we've teamed up with Steve Adams of Viz DJ (who specialise in Tableau training) to produce a scrupulously fair high-level comparison to allow you to judge for yourself.

Our 30th anniversary cake, and the great beard-off results

Monday 16th was a momentous day at the Owlery.  We celebrated the 30th anniversary of the founding of Wise Owl with a specially commissioned cake, but unfortunately the two founders had COVID and tragically had to watch the proceedings in the rain through a window!  We also recorded the results of the beard-off weight-loss competition between Sam and Shaun (see what they look like without beards, and how many equivalent reams of paper in weight each lost).

The May 2022 Power BI Update

This month's update includes a couple of long overdue features: you can now select data points in some charts by clicking and dragging, and you can - finally - zoom in and out in a Power BI report.  See the full list of changes in this update here.

We are recruiting!

As many readers will know, our availability has been ... suboptimal in the period since January, and it doesn't show any signs of improving any time soon.  We've therefore decided to add one (or maybe two) trainers to our current team of 7 people.  If you know anyone who would be interested in joining our happy teams of owls, please send them this link.

This month's Harry Potter word search competition, and last month's winner and results

For this month's Harry Potter word search competition, we invite you to find the 45 human and 10 non-human Harry Potter characters hidden in a grid, and send in the quotation revealed by the unused letters.  Congratulations to Katie Kimber-Perry of Trafford Housing Trust, who was one of the 26 people who managed to submit their results (sorry about this glitch) for last month's Easter quiz, and whose name was first picked out of our weighted and randomised sorting hat (you can see more details here).

Some daily challenges to entertain you in your lunch hour!

Bored in your lunchtime? Here are some daily challenges to entertain you.  See if you can guess films (either from condensed five-second clips or from up to 6 still photographs), or else identify songs from clips lasting for as little as one second.

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