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30 years in business
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Wise Owl's monthly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 56 - May 2022

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You wait ages for a new Excel function and then 14 come along at once

Excel is getting 3 new text functions, making it much easier to extract one (or more than one) string of text from another, as well as 11 functions to help you to resize, collapse, expand or join arrays.  See whether your life will change by reading our full review of all of the new functions.

Also coming to Excel soon - the excellent new Navigation Pane

Excel is getting two new views.  We don't work much on reviewing workbooks, but if you do Sheet View will let you suspend reviewing to work on a document in isolation.  Of more interest is the new Navigation Pane, which lets you move between the worksheets, tables, ranges, charts and buttons in a workbook.  You can see details of both new views here.

30th anniversary charity giveaway

Wise Owl is 30 years old in May.  To mark the occasion we're giving 30 pounds to UNICEF to support Ukranian (and other) refugees for each of our bookings in May (we're expecting the total donation to be about £1,500).  We've also got a glossy new 30th anniversary logo on our website!

A new Power BI update, a Power Platform roadmap from Microsoft and an exciting Power Query discovery

The April Power BI Desktop update had some new formatting options for matrices and chart legends, but that's about it.  However, in developing our new Advanced Power BI (Data) course we discovered that you can get Power BI to extract just the external links from a table of website URLs - surprisingly easily. Finally on Power BI, we've unearthed a 146-page Microsoft PDF file online showing future changes over the next 6 months for all Power Platform applications (although it has to be said that we didn't read anything to quicken the pulse).

This month's picture quiz competition, and an embarrassing revelation

It's picture quiz time!  In this month's quiz all of the 20 questions are about May, and you have 20 minutes to decide on your answers.  Wise Owl quizzes are not for the faint-hearted, so don't be too despondent if you can't do some of the questions - everyone gets a chance to win this month's rollover 100 pound Amazon voucher, with your chances of winning greater the more questions you get right.  Last month's logic puzzle sadly managed to contain a logical error, for which we apologise (the author has been sent to a retreat in Kazkhstan for a month).  Because of this we felt unable to award last month's prize, so we've rolled it forward to this month.

A couple of slightly amusing software Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs (hidden features in software) aren't what they used to be, but you can still defy gravity in Python (if using Visual Studio Code as an editor), and inadvertently create Excel worksheets with foreign names.  Both of these "features" are described here.

Two more geeky T-shirts to add to your collection

Following last month's collection of T shirts for nerds, here are two more T shirts ideally suited for the logician in your life.

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