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Established May 1992
30 years in business
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30 years in business
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Wise Owl's monthly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 55 - April 2022

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What's new this month in Power BI, what's coming soon and a useful new add-in from Marco Russo

The only significant announcement in this month's Power BI update is the introduction of error bars to line charts (at least in preview).  To give you an idea of what's coming in future months we've unearthed two separate Microsoft sites giving planned new releases for Power BI: May, July and September look like being busy months.  And fnally on the subject of Power BI, Marco Russo of sqlbi.com (the people who wrote DAX Studio) has just announced a new Power BI add-in called Bravo, which we preview here.

5 pros and 5 cons of using Power Automate Desktop, and how to call Python script from PAD

Should you be using Power Automate Desktop (PAD)?  To help you decide, we've created this blog listing our 5 favourite features and our 5 pet hates (for existing PAD users we've added a blog to our site showing how you can call Python script from a PAD flow).

After the world shortage of semiconductors, is the supply of Excel worksheets now under threat?

The COVID crisis has caused worldwide shortages of many resources, including the semiconductors which keep so much of the world's transport and industry flowing smoothly.  Now it seems that the global hardware shortage has split over into software, with the supply of Excel worksheets particularly threatened.  This timely blog looks at the implications of this new supply bottleneck.

A selection of T shirts for the nerd in your life (you?)

Here are 3 or 4 geeky T shirts which we found genuinely funny (see if you agree).  There's a bonus Wise Owl T shirt at the end of the blog, although these aren't officially for sale (not yet, anyway).

Solve this month's logic puzzle to win a fifty-pound Amazon voucher (and see last month's results)

This month we're asking you to solve a logic puzzle.  Five friends are embarking on diets, but who's doing which diet, and how old/heavy is each?  If you answer these questions correctly a 50 pound Amazon voucher could be yours.  Last month's winner was Mike Nicholson of IBM, one of 16 people who correctly decrypted the Excel coloured squares to reveal the hidden quotation.

Does your pet enjoy online training? Emma Howard's does (or at least he likes the courseware)

Do cats enjoy Wise Owl courseware?  Of course they do - as Emma Howard's cat Atticus proves in this photo she sent us.

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