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30 years in business
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Wise Owl's monthly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 52 - December 2021

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We need to talk about Power Automate Desktop

Just occasionally a new software application comes along which we think will change your working life.  A bold claim?  To help you judge for yourself, we've created a management overview of what Power Automate Desktop (PAD) is and does and then two detailed case studies of how you could use it: a video short showing how you can automatically generate Teams meetings from a list held in Excel, and a blog showing how you can automate the tedious process of sending out emails to accompany your Christmas presents.  We are running a two-day course in Power Automate Desktop (classroom and online), with the first dates in March.  Sign up and find what the fuss is about!

The hidden secrets of SQL command mode

For years we have been telling people that you can't use parameter values for database, table or column names in a stored procedure.  It turns out that actually you can, using a little known (well, little known by us, anyway) feature call SQL command mode.  Find out how to programmatically connect to different databases and run parameterised queries, and much more besides.

New Python articles, videos and skills assessment tests

Is Python better than C# and other programming languages?  We think so - here are 10 reasons why (and 2 reasons why not).  To help you to learn Python we have online and classroom Python courses, and have also now finished our series of video tutorials.  Alternatively, if you already know Python try our new skills assessment test (it's free, and anonymous) to see how you do relative to others!

A big new update for Power BI for November (and an insight into creating calendars)

After a long series of slightly underwhelming updates, November's is a big one.  Among other changes there's a new page navigator menu and a new bookmark navigator menu, but it's the total rewrite of the formatting pane (currently in preview) which will have the biggest impact.  While on the subject of Power BI, we've published a blog on how you can automatically add lots of columns to calendar tables using the CALENDARAUTO function.

An update on Windows 11 - how has our reviewer's first month gone?

One month on, we thought we'd write an update blog on how our test Windows 11 upgrade is going (spoiler alert: well).  And staying on the update theme, we have the sad news to bear that the new Microsoft Whiteboard launched last month has been withdrawn,  and the software has reverted back to the original version.

A Christmas quiz (with a Christmas prize to be won)

We invite you to answer 20 multiple-choice questions in our Christmas quiz (we promise they're not as hard as the summer equivalent, where the bar was a bit high).  Everyone gets one entry, with your chance of winning this month's fifty pound Amazon voucher being proportional to your score (so even if you get only one answer right, you're still in with a chance).  Last month's quiz was won by Joanne Rushton of Durham County Council - details and answers here.

An infographic to celebrate 10 years of our YouTube video channel

Our YouTube video tutorial channel was created by Andy Gould 10 years ago.  The channel has now had over 23 million views and has over 172,000 subscribers.  To see how many episodes of Squid Game the total viewing time corresponds to - and much more - see the infographic Karen has put together to celebrate this 10th anniversary.

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