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Wise Owl's monthly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 51 - November 2021

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Windows 11 is nicer to look at, has a few good new features - and is surprisingly fast

Have a look at our round-up of our first impressions of Windows 11, now running on the author's laptop. Spoiler alert: it looks nice, is easy to install and seems to run significantly more quickly than Windows 10 did.

The new Power BI blog, persistent filters/personal bookmarks and linking Power BI and Teams

There's almost nothing in the October 2021 Power BI update, but we have blogged on two new related features from previous months we'd managed to overlook: persistent filters and personal bookmarks.  If you use Teams, you might also like to see how you can share Power BI reports using Teams.

Our favourite 10 Windows key short-cuts for International Keyboard Short-Cut Day

The first Wednesday in November is (apparently) International Keyboard Short-Cut Day, so to celebrate we're sharing our 10 favourite uses of the (underrated) Windows short-cut key.  See how many you know and use!

Downloading Outlook attachments using Python is worryingly easy - as is learning Python now

Why bother writing VBA?  It's worryingly easy to write a Python program to loop through all your emails downloading any attachments.  Speaking of Python, we've now published a full series of Python training videos (available immediately to subscribers to our video channel, and to everyone else gradually over the coming weeks).

A new version of Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft's Whiteboard allows you to draw and collaborate during online meetings.  It's now undergone a major rewrite, and the results are nice to look at.

This month's competition: work out which space entrepreneurs are planning to go where, and when

This month we invite you to solve a logic puzzle.  Five (wholly imaginary) tech entrepreneurs have announced flights to 5 different planets in 5 consecutive years: your task is to work out who is going to which planet, and in which order.  Last month's puzzle was won by Denzil Foakes of Skanska UK, who wins a fifty-pound Amazon voucher.  You can see the answer (and some hints on solving colour-by-numbers puzzles) here.

The Great British Beard Off

Owls Sam and Shaun have pledged to shave off their beards if they fail to achieve their weight-reduction targets by a given date.  See what may be one of the final photos of the beards in question (maybe we should auction this as a Non-Fungible Token?) along with the terms and conditions (we'll also keep this blog updated with their progress).  Anyone want to join the competition?

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