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Established May 1992
30 years in business
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30 years in business
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Wise Owl's monthly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 50 - October 2021

The items included in this newsletter are listed below. Our newsletter go out about once a month - if you'd like to subscribe, just let us know!

List of scheduled courses to Easter 2022

We've now published a list of our scheduled online and classroom courses up to the end of April next year.   If you have a group of people who want training, or you can't see the dates you want, we will always be happy to run tailored courses for your organisation, whether onsite or at your company's premises.

Enter the Financial Modelling World Cup to showcase your Excel skills!

Want a chance to prove your financial modelling skills? Participate in the Financial Modelling World Cup, or find out how to watch some Excel Esports as a substitute.

The September 2021 Power BI update

The September Power BI update allows you to use shapes and images as buttons, connect to Power Automate and label line series, along with a few other small changes.

To celebrate our 50th newsletter, a look back to our earliest websites and forward to our next one

The earliest recorded version of our website is from 1998, and very basic it is too.  It's fascinating (well, for us, anyway) to look back over the last 23 years to see how our website has evolved (and to see how its next incarnation might look).  Come celebrate our 50th newsletter with us!

This month's competition - colour by numbers

For this month's competition we're inviting you to create a picture based on numbers showing the sequences of black cells for each row and column - as always, the first correct entry picked out of our random sorting hat will win a fifty-pound Amazon voucher.  Congratulations to Susan Howard of Underscore Training for winning last month's competition (and apologies to the 40+ people who entered for the difficulty of the quiz questions!).  You can see some analysis of the questions and answers here.

Need a diversion? Try one of these five (plus a bonus) websites

Need a break from your organisation's website, StackOverflow, Google and social media?  These 5 websites should have something for everyone, and the bonus one at the end will let you find your own diversions.

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