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30 years in business
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Wise Owl's monthly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 43 - March 2021

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Filter the 500+ reviews on our website by course type

The many reviews on our website are all very well, but (for example) someone else's view of a classroom SQL course may not help you guess what your own online Power BI course will be like.  To help you discriminate, we've provided the ability to filter our reviews by course type, software and industry sector.

News of Office 2021, and a Windows upgrade

Notwithstanding the subscription-model Office 365, Microsoft are still going to release a single-purchase Office 2021 later this year it seems, although it may not be that radically different.  There's also, it's rumoured, a Windows update on the way for the second half of 2021.

What does an online training course look like at the Wise Owl end of the line?

A rare chance to see what a Wise Owl online course looks like from the trainer's point of view, showing one screen for people's faces, a second screen to check that everyone is keeping up and a third screen allowing us to share what we're doing.

Details of the latest Power BI update, a new online DAX editor and new links to external tools

The February Power BI update was ... minimalistic (though there's lots waiting in preview still).  There's also a new online DAX editor out called DAX.do - will it replace DAX Studio?  Speaking of which, you can now link to external tools like DAX Studio and Tabular Editor from within Power BI.

An apology for giving bad advice on our Power BI and DAX courses!

For some time now we (well, I anyway) have been advising delegates on our Power BI courses to delete columns not used in reports or relationships (and particularly ones with lots of unique values).  Sadly, deleting a table's primary key field can give misleading results if this leads to duplicate records, as this blog explains.

This month's competition, and the answers to (and winner of) last month's word search puzzle

This month you're invited to solve a codeword (with a little tweak at the end).  As always the sender of the first correct solution drawn out of our electronic sorting hat will win a 50-pound Amazon voucher.  Congratulations to Corin Lee of Macquarie Energy Leasing for winning last month's puzzle (you can find the details and answer here).

Who needs extra screens for online training, when you could get this laptop with 7 built-in screens?

If you're looking for a present for the geek in your life (yourself, perhaps), consider giving this collapsible 7-screen laptop a whirl.  At about 12 kilos or 26 pounds it's not that portable, but you can have great fun folding it up Transformers-style.

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