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30 years in business
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Wise Owl's monthly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 40 - December 2020

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Where did November go?

Very attentive regular readers of this newsletter will have spotted that a) it's a few days late and b) there wasn't a November issue. Both of these are for the same reason: from now on your Wise Owl newsletter will arrive on or just after the start of each month, rather than on or just before the end.

Create and share your own tests

Don't like the standard skills assessment tests on our website?  You can now create your own (whether to test your family's knowledge of Friends or to test your work colleague's knowledge of advanced data analytics)?  Read our tutorial and unleash your inner quizmaster (although be warned that creating a good quiz is a time-consuming process).

Power BI updates, games and more

This month's Power BI update introduces zoom sliders in charts and a better button for applying filters.  If you want to see what's possible in Power BI, try playing this Harry Potter escape room game, and marvel at the amount of time it must have taken to create.  In more Power BI news, Sam has released a blog showing two easy ways to create Power BI themes (one using an impressive third party editor), and we've got a new detailed blog on creating cumulative totals using DAX measures.

Do you want to be a video star?

We want to make a short (60 second or so) video showing what it's like to attend one of our online training courses, and are looking for volunteers!  If you've been on one of our courses recently, see if you'd like to help.  While we're asking for assistance, we're also doing next year's business plan and can't decide whether we should revamp our website.  What do you think: keep, tweak or rewrite?  We'd love to know your (honest) thoughts.

This month's competition - a second logic puzzle

Last month's logic puzzle was so popular (one person even went out to buy a logic puzzles magazine on the strength of it) that we have a one-off reprise.  Five boys dressed in different fancy-dress costume take part in a charity race, but can you win a fifty-pound Amazon voucher by telling us who wore what, who finished where and who raised the most money?  Victoria Anthony of Sucden Financial was the winner of last month's puzzle - you can see the answer and more details here.

How to turn your browser into a text editor

In what is surely this issue's most useless fact (and there's stiff competition for that award), find out what to type into your browser's address bar to turn it into a (fairly basic) text editor.

Are the Mr Men correlated with US Presidents?

There's a fascinating theory doing the rounds that the Mr. Men series unwittingly previewed which presidents would get elected (although Democrats will find more to agree with in this theory than Republicans).  So Mr. Rude coincided with Donald Trump, Mr. Cool with Barack Obama and Mr. Good with Joe Biden.  This makes the next US President Mr. Nobody (Kamala Harris?).  Find your own trends here!

And finally, a tiny wafer-thin cat website to end with ...

We kept our promise not to publish any more cat photos for a few months, but feel we have to bring these photos of cardboard cat forts and tanks to your urgent attention!

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