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30 years in business
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Wise Owl's monthly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 38 - September 2020

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The amazing XLOOKUP function

If you're still using any of the VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX or MATCH functions in Excel, maybe it's time to learn this versatile new function which can replace all of them.  See examples of how you can use XLOOKUP to return rows of data, trap errors, reverse the look-up sort order and much more.

Does online training work?

We thought we'd celebrate the first 6 months of online training with some statistics.  We are now running classroom courses in London and Manchester, but we're finding that clients are struggling to convince staff to attend them (despite our elaborate precautions) and at the moment virtually all of our training is online.  We've set things up so everyone logs on to computers in our office using remote desktop, which means we can see what everyone is doing during the course and immediately answer questions, and we now reckon that online training is just about as good as classroom training from the delegate's point of view (although at our end we're having to work much harder).

Power Apps: the good, bad and ugly

Power Apps is like any other software application: there's a lot to love, but also a few irritations.  To help you decide whether Power Apps is something you want to learn more about, here are the 5 best things about Power Apps, and (separately) the 5 worst.

Power BI update for September

After last month's non-event, there's not much to write home (or in a newsletter) about this month either.  You can add total labels to a stacked chart (in addition to data labels), and there are improvements to mobile layout, but that's about it.

This month's competition

Your task this month is to find all of the related items in a word search (the unused letters will spell out an arguably related quotation).  As always, the first correct winner (chosen randomly) will win a fifty-pound Amazon voucher.  Last month's pixellated Donald Trump was correctly recreated by 19 people; Matthew Palmer of Public Health England beat the odds to win for a second month in a row.

Python or R? The survey results

Many thanks to those of you who voted in last month's survey on whether we should train in Python, R, both or neither (although not to the person who voted for all four options!).  Python won by a short head - you can see the full results here.

Owls taking photos

Andrew and Shaun (whom many people will know from our online and classroom courses) have each submitted their 3 favourite photos from the last year (although Andrew obviously couldn't count, as he submitted 4).  Feel free to send your favourite photo from the past year to us, and you too could see your photography on our website next month!

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