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30 years in business
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Wise Owl's monthly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 37 - August 2020

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Find out about Power Apps on our brand new two-day course

Power Apps is part of Microsoft's Power BI platform.  You can use it to create fun but powerful apps within your organisation, and also to embed apps within Power BI reports giving your users the ability to add and change underlying data.  Read our blog to find out what Power Apps is all about, or have a look at our classroom or online two-day Power Apps courses.

What's it like to be back in the classroom after 4 months away?

At the end of the first week in August we gave our first classroom training course since mid-March.  If you're not sure if you're ready to go back in the classroom, read this blog on how the course went to help you decide.  On the subject of classroom training, we've moved our London venue (although it's still in the same building opposite the Gherkin).  The new room is much bigger, and also easy to reach without using a lift; you can see full details of all the changes we've made here.

The Power BI August update is less than impressive

The Times once had a headline Small earthquake in Chile which was reckoned to be one of the most boring headlines ever created (although the story may be apocryphal).  Unimpressive Power BI August update must come close, however.  There's nothing to write home (or write) about in the August update of Power BI.  On the subject of Power BI, I've been confidently telling people for years that you can't resize a report tooltip: how wrong I was.  Sorry.

This month's competition: painting by numbers in Excel

That's annoying: someone has taken a photo and accidentally split it into its red, green and blue components in an Excel workbook.  Your task this month is to reassemble the original picture (the first correct entry out of our random sorting hat will win this month's fifty pound Amazon voucher).  Last month's codeword-cum-riddle was won by Matthew Palmer of Public Health England, to whom congratulations (answers and details here).

Would you like to learn Python? Or R? Or both? Or neither?

We've been thinking for some time that we should teach R or Python, but ... should we? And if so, which? It would be a big investment of time, so we want to get this right. Please let us know if you would be interested in attending training in either language in the future - we promise not to use this information for any other purpose than for market research.  Vote now for Python, for R, for both or for neither (it's a single click, with nothing to fill in thereafter). 

Pixellating your loved one in Excel VBA

Got a favourite picture of a loved one?  You can break it down pixel by pixel in Excel, and store the resulting colours in a spreadsheet (all in VBA).  This is satisfying in its own right, but becomes even more fun when you start playing about with the results!  A step-by-step guide is shown here, but be warned that you will need to know some VBA to get something out of this.

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