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Established May 1992
30 years in business
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30 years in business
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Wise Owl's monthly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 36 - July 2020

The items included in this newsletter are listed below. Our newsletter go out about once a month - if you'd like to subscribe, just let us know!

Including deleted emails in your Outlook searches

Did you know that the revamped Outlook search facility doesn't search your Deleted Items folder?  This explains why so many of my emails seemed to have vanished!  Find out how to change this default option (and while on the subject of searches, you may like to see how our revamped website search box works).

Power BI - July update, and 5th year anniversary

There's not too much in the July 2020 Power BI update (although if you use Excel financial functions you may disagree).  Don't forget to raise a glass to the 5th anniversary of Power BI Desktop's general release - exactly 5 years ago this week.

An interview with Andy Brown, one of the Wise Owls

Find out why Karen Webber (Wise Owl's marketing guru) thinks we are lovely, nerdy, kind geniuses (!) in her interview with Andy (one of the Wise Owl directors, and also the author of this newsletter!).

This month's puzzle competition and last month's mini-saga results

It's a two-part puzzle this month, with our usual £50 Amazon voucher the reward for the first correct answer drawn out of our electronic sorting hat.  Last month's mini-saga competition elicited some amazing entries (you can read them - including the winning 50-word mini-saga - here).

What the world needs ... more of Sam's SQL jokes?

I sincerely hope everyone understands the irony in this item's title!  Sam has shared his 5 favourite SQL jokes, so you no longer need to book onto one of our SQL courses!

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