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Wise Owl's monthly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 35 - June 2020

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Retrieve things you've copied earlier using Clipboard History

Did you know that you can retrieve up to 25 things that you've recently copied by holding down the Windows key and pressing V? Why didn't we know about this fantastic productivity tool earlier?

Using Power Apps to create an expenses system on your phone

We felt we were a bit late to the Power Apps party (as opposed to Power BI, where we definitely turned up earlier and started eating all the snacks before anyone else arrived).  So Sam decided to rewrite our expenses system for mobile using Power Apps.  We're thinking of adding Power Apps to our course portfolio - please do let us know if you think this would be of interest to you!

The June 2020 Power BI update is modest

This month's update is a modest one.  The hierarchical slicer allows you to slice by more than one field at a time, but there's not too much else to get excited about (unless you use DirectQuery or have a Power BI Premium licence).

Should you now be using JavaScript for Office instead of VBA within Excel?

Microsoft have been trying to persuade people to stop using VBA for years.  Their latest attempt is Office-JS, which allows you to program in Excel on any platform (and not just in Windows and on the Mac).  Is it time then to jettison your VBA skills and learn JavaScript for Office instead?  Emphatically not!  And to prove how versatile VBA is, Sam's even used it to create meetings in Teams.

What did YOU during the lockdown? Here's one owl's reply ...

Have you had a good lockdown?  Sam's taken the oppportunity to learn to juggle, and much else besides.  Staying with the lockdown theme, we have one more lockdown desk for you, but it's a doozy!  Paul Eden's is probably the most impressive so far ...

Fancy yourself as a budding author? Write a mini-saga in 50 words.

For this month's competition, we invite you to summarise your impressions of the lockdown from which we're all cautiously emerging, but using just 50 words.  The winner will receive an Amazon voucher for fifty pounds - that's a pound a word!  Last month's word search competiton was won by Linda Waterworth of the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Foundation Trust - congratulations to her.  You can see the answer here.

An update on Annie and Neo, 6 months on

Finally, with the current serious shortage of cat photos on the Internet, we've decided to do our bit by providing an update on Annie and Neo, Jenny and Andy's new kittens (you may remember that we invited you to help name them 6 months ago).

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