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Wise Owl's monthly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 34 - May 2020

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We've totally revamped our classroom training to make it coronavirus-safe

We are proud to say that you can now again attend our classroom training courses in Manchester (we're hoping London will follow next month).  We've changed our classroom layout, changed our start times to allow more time for people to arrive on time without using public transport and provided individual cleaning supplies and refreshments for each delegate.  We understand that you or your staff may be wary of attending a course, so please look through all the changes we've made to reassure yourself that we've done everything we possibly can to let you or your staff enjoy our classroom training in a safe environment.

Our online courses are going from strength to strength

Notwithstanding the above, we understand that some people will still prefer to attend our live online courses for the time being.  We've now run ten of these, with two more taking place this week.  We're switching from using GotoTraining to Microsoft Teams, and use Remote Desktop where appropriate to avoid you having to install software on your computer.  You can view all of our classroom and online courses on our website.

The April update to Power BI (introduced in May) is a good one ...

With the April Power BI update being delayed until May 6th, this month saw two updates.  The April update introduced a few welcome minor changes, and one unwelcome one (we love the fact that you can finally select multiple visuals by dragging and dropping, but are not keen on the new visual icons).  There's also a custom theme editor, which while a bit rudimentary will save some clients a fair amount of time.

... as is the May update, which introduces some significant changes

The May update to Power BI introduced three main features: drop shadows, the impressive decomposition tree visual and the ability to do much more with buttons (including for page navigation and drill-through).

Life in lockdown - more photos from the front line

After we shared views of the Wise Owls' home nests, three other people volunteered to share their photos of life in lockdown.  Keep the photos coming in please!

This month's competition is an even bigger word search!

I try not to repeat myself, but a number of people said how much they enjoyed last month's word search, so I thought we'd have one more before I change the type of puzzle.  This month's puzzle is about 30% bigger, but the prize (a fifty pounds voucher from Amazon) has not grown commensurately.  Congratulations to Pam Politis of Hyde Industrial for winnning last month's puzzle (you can see the answer here).

Explaining the beauty of cryptic crossword clues

A while ago I blogged on my favourite Times cryptic crossword clues of the previous 5 years.  However, two and a half years have elapsed since then, so here are my favourite Times cryptic crossword clues from the last couple of years or so.  This time I've divided them up the main categories of clue.  If cryptic crosswords have always stymied you, discover not only how the different types of clue are put together but also the wit and humour which the best clues entail.

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