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Wise Owl's monthly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 33 - April 2020

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You can now attend Wise Owl training courses online!

You no longer need to leave your home or office to attend one of our excellent courses (you don't even have to be in the UK).  Most of our classroom courses are now available to take online, where you'll meet the same friendly wise owls and get the same expert training.  We're really excited about this new service, and hope you will be too (note that it also means that we can now offer one-to-one consultancy online).

Why the Mapbox custom visual is so good, and other Power BI titbits

We've been suggesting on our Power BI courses for some time now that the Mapbox custom visual is a good alternative to the cumbersome built-in ArcGIS visual, but now Marie Woltman (our go-to Power BI design guru) has written a blog explaining (with examples) how she uses the the mighty Mapbox visual.  More prosaically, ever wanted someone to stand frowning and pointing at your visuals?  The ComicGen custom visual can do just that (or it can laugh, depending on your data).  And in an echo from a vanished world, Sam recorded his thoughts on the Power BI meet-up he attended recently, where he got to meet one of his Power BI heroes and left impressed.  All these blogs, but no Power BI updates for April - another victim of COVID-19?

This month's puzzle - find the items and reveal the quotation

This month's puzzle is a word search, to while away those lockdown hours.  Find the 48 related items, reveal the hidden quotation and you could win our monthly £50 Amazon voucher.  Last month's winner was Paul Silvester of North-East Lincolnshire Council, whose answer was the first one pulled out of our randomised electronic sorting hat (you can see details of the answer here).

You can now search your booking history on our website

If you've previously booked public or tailored courses with us (or both), you can now see a full history of this online.  Want to know if Bob has been on our Advanced SQL course?  Not sure who you booked on the Excel VBA course last year?  You can now view everything online without needing to contact us (although you're very welcome to do this if you prefer!).

What do owls' home nests look like?

With most wise owls working from home these last few weeks (or enjoying some furlough time), we asked everyone to send a photograph of their "desk".  The results reflect people's personalities as much as anything else!  Send us a photo of your lockdown working environment: we'll publish any that we receive in a separate blog in the next newsletter.

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