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Wise Owl's monthly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 32 - March 2020

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Our COVID-19 policy for future courses

You can see full details of our COVID-19 policy regarding current and future courses here (it may be worth bookmarking this page, as we will keep it updated).

The March Power BI update is a big one

After a couple of quiet months, Microsoft have released a barnstorming update.  The new ribbon is now turned on by default, there are new actions to go to pages and to drill through, you can do multi-column sorting, show a secondary axis on a line chart and much more.

Filling in a VBA form by talking to it

Did you know that you can fill in a user form in Excel (or any other Microsoft Office application) by speaking to it?  We didn't either, but prompted by a question from a loyal reader (Marshall Vance) we learned how to talk to VBA.

The answers to our exercises are now published online

After many requests over the years, we've decided to publish not only our exercises on our website (these have been there for years), but also as from this week the answers too

This month's competition (and the results from last month's)

This month we're asking you to draw a picture, although we've given you the instructions.  Something to while away the hours while you're self-isolating at home!  The winner of last month's competition was Ken Warthen, who was one of 8 people to spot the VBA mistakes made by our rookie programmer, Wally Owl (you can see details - and answers - here).

A clever and amusing parody of bad websites

Frustrated by bad websites, with buttons in the wrong place, unreasonable password demands and help screens which don't help?  It could be much worse, as this amusing website proves.

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