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Wise Owl's monthly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 30 - January 2020

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Our first online training course is now live!

We are proud to announce the launch of our first complete on-line course (in Excel VBA), comprising YouTube tutorials, backup materials, exercises and tests.  It's also free! We're aiming to launch at least 3 new courses in 2020, and would welcome any ideas you may have for what to cover (they don't necessarily have to be things in which we currently train).

Ejecting USB sticks? That's so last year

Do you still religiously eject USB sticks before you remove them?  If you've got Windows 10 update 1809 or above, you no longer have to, although in the immortal words of Chicago's 1984 hit, it's a hard habit to break.

Think you know Excel, Word or PowerPoint well (or have a son or daughter who does)?

So you think you're an Excel expert, Word wizard or PowerPoint perfectionist?  Last year 850,000 people entered the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship.  This year's competition is being held near Disneyland in California, and the top prize is $7,000.  One small caveat: you have to be aged 13-22 to enter ...

This month's competition (and last month's winner)

This month's competition asks you to complete 26 phrases, for which some letters have been already filled in.  Fill enough of the phrases in successfully and you (or your team) will be able to spell out (and follow) the hidden instructions, and maybe win a prize!  The winner of last month's competition was Graham Davies of Lex, who wins a fifty-pound Amazon voucher (you can see more analysis of the quiz entries here).

A couple of Power BI revelations, and this month's Power BI updates (not)

Our esteemed course delegates have alerted us to a couple of things that we never knew about Power BI, and which we feel obliged to share (that you can disable previewing when getting data, and enable left-click drill-through).  While on the subject of Power BI, this month's update hasn't been announced at the time of writing but we will blog about it on this page when it comes out.

A new SQL command, and a new editor

Microsoft have released a new SQL editor called Azure Data Studio, which does everything that Management Studio does ... except it doesn't!  Forgive us if we sound underwhelmed.  Staying on the subject of new SQL things, if you're not sure whether you want to create or alter a view, procedure, function or trigger, there's now no need to make your mind up - you can do either

The Wise Owl Christmas outing

No kittens this month, but instead highlights from our December outing to battle each other with bows and arrows in the morning and then enter the Crystal Maze in the afternoon, as reported by Karen.  We'd probably recommend both events for an office outing!  Karen has also put together a summary of 2019 in numbers and infographics.  Who knew that we had 8 Josephs and 11 Marys among our clients?  Or that we spent over £6,000 last year in The Alchemist?

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