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Wise Owl's monthly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 28 - November 2019

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YouTube Silver award for 100,000 subscribers

We reached this threshold in March 2018, but this week we got the coveted YouTube silver plaque to prove it. Watch the unboxing ceremony, and find out which video was viewed for 42 seconds from inside North Korea!

Power BI - November update and new ribbon

There's very little new in the November 2019 update for Power BI Desktop, but watch out for the all-new ribbon which is currently in preview!

Stories from inside the owlery

Ever wondered why people become IT trainers?  Read Shaun's blog to find out, or read Jenny's account of how her and Andy first started Wise Owl, way back in 1992.

Working with time zones in SQL

Did you know that SQL Server 2016 and later versions now include a list of all the world's time zones, updated from the Windows registry?  We didn't!  Use AT TIME ZONE to specify which time zone you're using, and let SQL Server do the rest.

This month's competition, and last month's results

This month's competition is our version of colour-by-numbers: just colour in the Excel cells as specified to draw a picture.  You can see the winner of last month's competition here, together with the answer (and a list of which films selected clients most enjoyed).

Please help us name our kittens!

We're all set up: we've been approved for these two gorgeous kittens, got their beds ready and we take delivery of them next week.  But what on earth are we going to call them?

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