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Wise Owl's monthly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 27 - October 2019

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Excel masterclass 1 - charting your weight

It's all very well showing Excel tips and tricks, but how can you apply them to your life and/or work?  In the first of what we hope will be a new series, this Excel master class shows how to log and chart your weight each week.  If you have any ideas for future master classes, we would love to hear them!

Is SSRS being pushed out by Power BI?

A common question on Wise Owl courses is: what's the future of Reporting Services?  Will Power BI replace it, or co-exist with it?  We don't claim to know the answer, but we're in a good position to make a well-informed and independent guess.

Board games

Last month I indulged my love of podcasts; this month it's Sam's turn to communicate his love of board games, which are making something of a resurgence according to the BBC.  Check out the top 5 board game recommendations from a true expert in the field!

This month's competition

This month's competition asks you to test either your Excel or your VBA skills (there are several different ways to solve the problem posed).  Just follow the instructions to reveal the hidden phrase - what could be easier?  The winner of last month's competition was Alex Wallace of Manchester Metropolitan University - you can see the answer to the word search puzzle here.

Updates to Power BI for October 2019

Speaking of Power BI, the biggest change in this month's update is a complete revamp of the Q&A feature, which now uses a dedicated visual which behaves like any other (that is, it interacts with other visuals and responds to bookmarks).  Other changes in the update include a dedicated PowerApps visual and improvements to data profiling in Query Editor.  Incidentally, we'd love to hear from you if you have any views on whether Wise Owl should be training on PowerApps and/or Microsoft Flow.

Schedule of courses coming up

We run scheduled courses in our training centres in London and Manchester.  Have a look at our courses coming up over the next few weeks to see if there's anything to whet your appetite!

And finally ...

If you have Alexa, you may want to see what the Welsh is for Boris Johnson carrots 100 (if you don't have Alexa, you could always watch a video from someone who does).

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