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Wise Owl's monthly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 25 - August 2019

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Excel tips and traps

Jenny was miffed that I missed out her favourite Excel tip in my previous blog, so here it is!  Or if you're feeling mischievous, you could use styles to arrange to colour your colleague's workbook a strange colour and replace all text with a phrase of your own choice ...

Six new three-day fast-track courses

You wait a few months for a new Wise Owl course to come along, and then 6 appear in one go!  Clients have been asking us more and more over the past couple of years whether they can combine our two-day introduction and two-day advanced courses in a topic into a single intensive three-day course, so we're now offering this in SQL, C#, VBA, SSRS, SSIS and Power BI/DAX (the last one somewhat ambitiously combines three courses together, not two).  These three-day fast-track courses are not for the faint-hearted, and are only available as single company courses (here's why).

This month's competition - spot the SQL boo-boos

Wally Owl has written a query to list out some films, but he's not that good at SQL and has made 8 mistakes.  Can you spot them?  We will give out a £50 Amazon voucher to the first correct entry drawn out of ANDREW (Answers Now Displayed by Random Excel Wizard).  The winner and correct answers will be given in the next newsletter.

Another winner of our SFWGHO competition

Speaking of competitions, congratulations to Shaun Rowark for his winning suggestion for an acronym for the order of SQL commands (SFWGHO) ... as well as to Karen for the graphic to illustrate it.

New Microsoft Office ribbon icons, and update news

Pretty much everyone will now have seen the horrible (sorry, Microsoft, but I really don't like them) ribbon icons.  The bad news is that it's difficult (although not impossible) to go back to a previous Office version.  If you've never really understood when or why you get Office updates, this blog shows which update channel you're on, why you should care and how to change this.

DAX and Power BI news and monthly update

The August update of Power BI allows you to group visuals together, and the Key Influencers visual has gone live, but otherwise there's not much to write home about.  In other Power BI news, we now have a series of videos on our site explaining how to use Power BI Desktop and we have also contributed a series of articles on DAX for Simple Talk.  We've also (well, Andy G has) unearthed two articles explaining what's coming in the next few months to Power BI (including the integration of an Office-style ribbon).

Why you may see more of us from now on

We've engaged the services of Karen Webber of Goodness Marketing to promote Wise Owl to the wider world (something we've been truly terrible at).  One of the consequences of this is that we now have social media sites which are worth visiting.  Check out our Facebook page, Twitter feed and LinkedIn site

Tips and learning points from our first proper Expo

Recently we attended our first proper Expo in the ExCeL Centre in London.  It took a lot of planning and thought, so we'd like to share five things we learnt in the hope that anyone else in a similar position will find them useful (or see this blog for a quick summary and some piccies).

Wise Owl movie connections

If you've been on any of our SQL or SSRS courses (or many of the VBA ones too), you'll be familiar with our Movies database.  But did you know that several of the films it contains have links to Wise Owl?  We didn't, either, until Andy Gould (creator of the movies database) did some research.

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