We're excited to announce that from 14th April we'll be running live online training courses too!
From 14th April we'll be running live online training courses too!

Wise Owl's monthly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 22 - June 2018

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Problems getting at your own company's data after GDPR?

If your job involves analysing data, you've probably been finding it harder in recent months to get at the data you need to analyse!  To help you we've published a handy blog, explaining that GDPR is nowhere near as restrictive as most people think. 

The Office ribbon is changing!

If you've always hated the Excel ribbon (or the one in Outlook, Access, Word or PowerPoint, for that matter), you'll be pleased to know that rescue is at hand (well, at least if you're using Office 365). Microsoft are reverting to a simple menu, albeit very slowly and carefully.

Test your Power BI Desktop skills, or learn new ones

We've introduced a skills assessment test for Power BI Desktop.  Find out how much you really know about Power BI by taking our free, anonymous test during your lunch break.  If you do well, you could share the results with friends (or if you do badly, you could always take the test again ...).  Note that the test includes the latest updates of Power BI Desktop.  While on the subject of Power BI Desktop, you might like to check out our blogs on the new bookmarks feature.

Advanced DAX course

We've now published the first date for our two-day course in writing DAX (the first scheduled course is in September).  This course will mainly show how to create measures to be used in PowerPivot, Power BI Desktop or SSAS Tabular.  You should only consider attending this course if you have a good degree of numeracy.

RIP Chip Pearson, Excel guru

Proficient users of Excel will be used to seeing cpearson dot com appearing in their search engine, and to getting help from this valuable resource (we haven't included the link because it's now generating a warning message).  Sadly, Chip died in April in a car crash.  There is some discussion on StackOverflow about whether and how his excellent website will be preserved.

New phone number for Wise Owl

We have changed our phone system from BT (who continually fail to meet our low expectations) to the truly wonderful Voipfone system, which we can't recommend highly enough (we have absolutely no vested interest in doing so).  Our new phone number is (0161) 88 33 606 - or (0161) 883 3606 in a more traditional view.  The old phone number of (01457) 862970 will still work for a while, but we'd be grateful if clients and suppliers could update their records - thank you.

Ideas for company days out

We're always looking for ideas for the next Wise Owl outing, and would guess that we're not alone in this!  We've put together a few suggestions (apologies that they're all in the North-West, but most have equivalents in London or the rest of the UK).

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