Wise Owl's quarterly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 21 - January 2018

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New (and cheaper) Excel courses

We've completely revamped our Excel training courses, and also reduced their prices. We now run a revised and simplified one-day Introduction to Excel course aimed at complete beginners; a new one-day Intermediate Excel course to show people how to get more out of Excel; and a completely revised two-day Advanced Excel course aimed at power users. All of these are in addition to our existing VBA, PowerPivot and modelling courses.

We're moving in London!

At the end of February we will move to 40 Gracechurch Street, which is right in the heart of the City and within easy walking distance of Liverpool Street, Bank and London Bridge stations.  The last course in the old venue will finish on Wednesday 21st February.  We are confident the new venue will give an all-round better training experience for our clients (we wouldn't move otherwise!), and look forward to welcoming you to our new training centre.

What's new in SQL Server 2017?

SQL Server 2017 doesn't contain much new - unless you're using Analysis Sevices (Tabular), in which case there are a host of updates.  The singlest most exciting thing about SQL Server 2017?  Finally, there's a TRIM function in SQL, so you no longer need to lop blanks separately off each side of a string of text.

Native skills tests, with much better reporting

You can now assess your IT skills within our website.  Not only that, but you can now share your results easily, and the reporting of results is far better.  See whether you know Excel, VBA, SQL or general IT better than your colleagues by taking a test (each one consists of 20 questions, there's no need to log in or give your name, and you can see your results immediately after the test has finished).

Power BI Desktop and DAX - new courses and updates

In our continual effort to keep up with the fast-changing Power BI Desktop, we've published our take on the recent December and January updates.  We've also tentatively published a two-day advanced Power BI Desktop course, together with a two-day course devoted to the DAX language - we'd be interested in your views on either or both of these.

Changes to our SSAS courses

We've taken the decision to shorten our SSAS (Tabular) from 3 days to 2 days.  To achieve this, we've missed out some advanced topics (such as building a parent-child hierarchy in DAX), but we think the course will still give a good overview of SSAS Tabular, and the course manual will contain extra topics for further reading.  Similarly, we've shortened our SSAS (Multi-dimensional) course to two days, missing out (among other things) data mining, which Microsoft have just announnced is to be deprecated in future versions.  Not many people can sustain concentration and interest over 3 days, so we think this is the right move.

Excel pivot tables - report filters

It's not often that someone on a training course shows us an Excel feature which none of our trainers knew, so congratulations to Selam Adamu for doing just that recently.  Did you know that you could generate one worksheet for each item in a pivot table report filter?  We didn't!

Updated course schedule

We do two types of training: onsite courses anywhere in the UK (where we come to you, bringing training computers with us), and scheduled courses in either London or Manchester.  You can download an up-to-date list of our scheduled courses for 2018 here (although you should refresh this page regularly to ensure that it's up to date).

A tribute to the Times crossword

Andy Brown (a Wise Owl) has been doing cryptic crosswords somewhat obsessively for ... many years.  He's now created a blog listing out his 12 favourite clues of the last five years, with a detailed explanation of how each works and some additional near-miss gems.  Take a few moments to admire the ingenuity of the Times crossword compilers, and also to learn a bit about how cryptic crosswords work!

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