Wise Owl's quarterly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 20 - September 2017

The items included in this newsletter are listed below. Our newsletter go out about 3 times a year - if you'd like to subscribe, just let us know!

Our first foray into publishing - Excel VBA

So many people have asked us whether we sell our Excel VBA courseware over the years that we've finally succumbed. You can now buy everything our Andy Gould knows about VBA, distilled into a handy 300-page+ guide.

Online training course certificates

If you've been on a Wise Owl course, you can now view your certificate online (and also add this to your LinkedIn account). You should have already received a separate email giving the link (or links, if you've attended more than one course with us).  Let us know if you haven't had this for any reason, and we'll send the URL(s) out to you.

Power BI Desktop - September update

Another month, another update!  New Power BI Desktop features introduced in September include the ability to drill through to an individual item on a separate report page, the new ribbon chart visualisation, and a feature to show an automatic waterfall chart explaining the increase or decrease in a value being charted.  For a full list of the new features, see this blog.

Signing on to our public website

For some months now you've been able to create an account on our website, but there hasn't been much incentive so to do.  Following changes to our website, subscribers will now receive a monthly circular email, summarising blogs and videos added to our website in the preceding month and giving any other training news (the circular is aimed at users of our website, whereas the newsletter you're reading is aimed at our classroom training clients).  We hope to add online booking and payments, among other features, over the coming months.

Courses for the autumn

We've now published our course schedule for 2018.  You can get a single-sheet PDF of all of our scheduled courses for this autumn/winter here, although you should refresh this regularly to ensure that it's up to date.

HTTPS website prefix

The truly attentive may have noticed that our website now has a new prefix: HTTPS, rather than HTTP.  You can now be reassured that conversation with the site is encrypted, and that malicious eavesdroppers can't intercept anything.

SQL Server 2017 preview

On the day that the next IPhone is being announced to much fanfare in the States, perhaps it's time to mention a much smaller upgrade.  SQL Server 2017 will be an incremental upgrade, and is probably due out in the last quarter of this year, although nobody really knows (well, nobody outside Microsoft).  The main change is support for the Python language, but you can see a list of all the main expected changes here.

Using big data to prove that everybody lies

The memorably named Seth Stephens-Davidowitz has analysed Google search results and other big data sources for his book Everybody Lies.  Our favourite fact unearthed is that when there's a hurricane warning, Walmart have searched their internal databases to show that the item they most need to stock up on is strawberry pop-tarts.  The author has also got hold of data from adult websites, with revealing results.

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