Wise Owl's quarterly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 18 - September 2016

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New Power BI Desktop course

After much prevarication on our part, we've finally bitten the bullet and created a Power BI Desktop course.  If you're confused between the Excel Power BI tools and the standalone Power BI Desktop application, and you're not sure which (if either) course you should attend, we've written a helpful blog explaining the differences between the two suites of software. 

Other new courses

Staying on the subject of new courses, we'd love to get your ideas on future courses that we could offer.  Should we be training on Tableau? R? Advanced SSIS?  We've put some ideas in this blog, but we'd love to hear your suggestions (you can propose new courses either by replying to this email, by following the invitation on the blog or by typing them in here).

The Wise Owl discussion forum

You can now add posts to virtually any page of our website, although we're expecting the facility to be used mostly for blogs, exercises and video tutorials.  To add a post you'll need to sign in first - we've created this handy guide showing how to proceed. 

We're hoping to add useful features in the near future (such as online booking).  As a starter, we've created a special search facility, which makes it easier for current and prospective Wise Owl clients to find courses and dates, and also shows which staff in your organisation have places booked on forthcoming scheduled courses.  You'll need to register using this email address.

Courses for 2017

We've now published our schedule of courses for the first half of 2017 - you can see a useful summary of the next four months of courses here.  As always, if you can't see the dates that you want for a particular course, it's always worth contacting us to see if we'll add them (or you could ask us about the possibility of running an onsite course at your company's offices).

Time-wasting ideas from Google!

If you have some spare time, try searching Google for the term solitaire or tic-tac-toe (irritatingly, noughts and crosses doesn't work - clearly too unAmerican).  You can find more on these ideas - and a couple of other weirder ones - here.

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