Wise Owl's quarterly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 16 - September 2015

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Office 2016 to be released this month

Microsoft Office should be released on Tuesday September 22nd (don't expect quite the same media coverage as for the IPhone 6S!).  The main changes are to Outlook 2016 (which gets quite a face-lift) and the Power BI tools within Excel 2016; Word, PowerPoint and Access have barely changed.  Oh, and there's a new online PowerPoint-clone called Sway.   You can see a useful summary of what's new here.

SQL Server 2016 preview released

SQL Server 2016 should be launched in summer 2016.  SQL Server Reporting Services has got an overdue makeover (with themes, a redesigned parameters bar and HTML 5 support), while SSIS and SSAS have got smaller changes.  You can see a summary of the main changes that have been announced so far here.

Deprecated courses

This newsletter is fond of announcing new Wise Owl courses, but doesn't give so much space to those which we no longer schedule.  To see how the times they are a-changin', have a look at our deprecated courses - and do let us know if you have any ideas for future courses that we should be running.

Have you installed Windows 10?

Have you installed Windows 10 yet?  No, we haven't either (we'll stay on Windows 7 till we're forced to update).  We're not convinced that the same operating system can run on your desktop and on your mobile without compromising both, although Windows 10 is plainly meant to address this issue.    However if you're in the market for a new laptop for your teenage child, there's a good review of Windows 10 here.

Daily Mail kitten block add-in

We try to avoid the Daily Mail and Daily Express, but still run the risk of inadvertently going to their websites.  Enter the FireFox or Chrome Kitten Block add-in, which will intercept requests for the Daily Mail website and redirect you to a page showing tea and kittens instead (you can see details on the author's webpage). There's now also a Chrome extension which blocks any mention of UKIP or Nigel Farrage ...

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