Wise Owl's quarterly (ish) news tweet  |  Issue 5 - November 2011

The items included in this newsletter are listed below. Our newsletter go out about 3 times a year - if you'd like to subscribe, just let us know!

New SharePoint 2010 course for end users

We've finally bitten the SharePoint bullet and launched our first SharePoint course.  The two-day course isn't designed to show you how to set up a SharePoint website, but rather how to use one which already exists (hence the name, SharePoint for End Users).  We've been using SharePoint Designer for a while now for our blogging, so thought it was time to go the whole hog (and mix our metaphors!).

New Advanced Reporting Services course

To go with our basic Reporting Services course, we've launched a two-day advanced SSRS training course, covering embedding code in reports, sharing VB functions between reports and the advanced use of parameters and stored procedures.

Report Builder 3.0 training course

Having been training on SQL Server Reporting Services for a couple of years now, it seemed more than time to launch a two-day Report Builder 3.0 course.  There aren't actually that many differences between SSRS and Report Builder (you can see them listed here) - the Report Builder course emphasises the use of report models more, and uses the ribbon interface rather than the Visual Studio toolbar look-and-feel.

A Wise Owl tweets

We've updated our systems so that whenever a new blog or news item is added to our website, a tweet is automatically sent out: so if you want to know what's going on in the Microsoft training world in real time, you could do worse than follow Wise Owl on Twitter.

Search engine optimisation for managers

We've learnt a thing or two over the last ten years about the increasingly competitive business of search engine optimisation, or SEO (the process of trying to get your website to appear above your competitor's in Google and other search engine rankings), and would love to share it with someone.  Our speciality is in consultancy - reviewing your current website SEO strategy, suggesting ways in which you could improve it and helping to implement systems to make sure this happens.

Newsletters in HTML

We've finally decided to send our newsletters out in HTML format, so unless you've got this option disabled the chances are that either a) you've never seen this email because it's gone into your spam filter or b) you have, and are impressed that it looks so much easier to read.  Let us know what you think!

A tour down memory lane

Our website of the month is the website archive.  This fantatstic resource will show you what your company website looked like last month, last year or last decade.  See what the BBC website has looked like over the past 15 years, and then type in your own website's URL to get that nostalgic feeling.. 

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