Microsoft Office video tutorials

You can choose to watch training videos about Excel, PowerPivot, programming in Excel or creating VBA user forms.

Category Description Videos
Microsoft Excel A smorgasbord of Excel videos, showing how to use conditional formatting, protection, goal-seeking and other Excel tools. 15
Excel tips A short, snappy series of videos to make you more productive when you're using Excel. 10
PowerPivot Intended to follow the topics on our PowerPivot course, this series of videos shows you how to use this powerful Excel add-in. 20
Excel VBA - Basics Following roughly the same syllabus as our VBA for Excel course, this video series will show you how to program macros in Excel. We have many more general VBA videos also. 24
VBA User Forms If you've learnt how to program in VBA, why not follow this tutorial series to learn how to create and use user forms in Excel? 22

Just click on any of the links above to see a complete listing for that category of Microsoft Office videos. If you prefer learning in an interactive way, you can see all of our classroom and online Microsoft Office courses here (and get to meet the owls behind the videos!).

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