COVID-19: Choose between our familiar (but now socially distanced) classroom training courses and our excellent new live online courses.

Microsoft Office Training Courses

We do a fair bit of Microsoft Office and desktop training! There are links below for our courses (classroom and online) in Excel, and VBA, among other training courses. Although it's not advertised on this site, we will also consider requests for Access, PowerPoint, MS Project, Visio and Publisher training, for all of which we have deliverable courses in mothballs.

Microsoft Office classroom training

Microsoft Office classroom training

We offer a fair few scheduled classroom training courses in Microsoft Office:

Alternatively, why not organise your own onsite Microsoft Office course, or have a look at the extensive changes we've made to our classroom training to allow social distancing.

Microsoft Office classroom training

Online Microsoft Office training

Many of our classroom courses are available online too:

Not sure how if online training is for you? We've created a detailed page for you to see exactly how our online courses work (probably better than you think!).

Other Microsoft Office training resources

There are so many ways in which we can help you learn Microsoft Office, as the impressive list below shows.

Blogs on Microsoft Office

Click on one of the links below to see random words of wisdom on all things to do with Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office training venues

We run Microsoft Office training courses onsite at your premises or at one of our public course venues.

Microsoft Office books or publications

In addition to all the other resources on this page, we also sell a book on Excel VBA.

Self-paced Microsoft Office online training

If you want to learn how to program in VBA within Excel, follow this online training class.

Microsoft Office courseware manuals

If you're wondering whether to book a Wise Owl training course in Microsoft Office, you'll want to see what our course manuals our like! Here are some sample Excel courseware chapters for you to try.

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