Reviews for Wise Owl Training

Since the start of 2010 we've recorded the overall satisfaction of delegates on our courses (as a mark out of 10).

Critique form

Part of the form that we ask our delegates to fill in at the end of each course.

Here are the results (the page is refreshed each night).

Overall average ratings

Here are the overall average ratings from all of our course delegates who filled in a form:

Category of course Number of reviews Average rating
All courses 7,807 9.30
Current scheduled courses 2,840 9.42
Tailored (onsite) courses 4,967 9.23

Reviews by subject area

Here's how we've done by subject area:

Subject area Number of reviews Average rating
Access 31 9.35
C# 25 9.48
Excel 128 9.41
Power BI 227 9.37
Report Builder 85 9.64
SQL 1,096 9.36
SSAS Not enough data
SSIS 187 9.40
SSRS 427 9.52
VBA 619 9.44
Visual Basic Not enough data

Reviews by course

Here's how we've done for our scheduled courses:

Course Number of reviews Average rating
Access Developers 14 9.50
Access Querying Not enough data
Access VBA macros 13 9.31
Advanced Power BI Not enough data
Advanced SQL 355 9.24
Advanced SSIS Not enough data
Advanced SSRS 55 9.45
Advanced VBA 127 9.52
DAX 14 9.36
Excel Advanced 22 9.41
Excel Business Modelling 87 9.40
Excel Intermediate 15 9.47
Excel Introduction Not enough data
Excel VBA macros 492 9.42
Intermediate C# Not enough data
Intermediate VB Not enough data
Introduction to Power BI 92 9.41
Introduction to SQL 741 9.43
Introduction to SSIS 187 9.40
Introduction to VB.NET Not enough data
Introduction to Visual C# 24 9.46
PowerPivot / Excel Power BI 115 9.31
Report Builder 85 9.64
Reporting Services 372 9.53
SSAS - Multidimensional Not enough data
SSAS - Tabular Model Not enough data

You're welcome to arrange to visit our office to inspect our underlying database to verify that the scores are genuine!

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