.NET (Dot Net) Training Courses and Resources

Use the links below to find the .NET training resources to help you!

.NET classroom training

.NET classroom training

Here's a list of the .NET training courses that we schedule:

Can't see the course you want? Have a look at our onsite .NET training page.

Other .NET resources

We believe classroom training is the best way to learn .NET, but we've included lots of other .NET training resources below just in case you don't agree!

Other .NET training resources

.NET exercises

Try our .NET exercises

To give an idea of our approach to training (which is basically to try to make it as interesting as possible), we've published all of our .NET exercises online:

.NET courseware

.NET courseware manuals

We've published the following sample .NET courseware chapters online, to help you decide whether Wise Owl is the training provider for you:

.NET blogs

Blogs on .NET

We've written lots of blogs to guide you through the .NET minefield - here's how to find them:

.NET consultancy

.NET consultancy

Whether you're creating a website, a forms-based system or doing pure programming, we can provide bespoke software development as well as training.

.NET training venues

.NET training venues

Wise Owl .NET courses run in the following venues:

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