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WPF using C# Training Course

£895 + VAT for most venues (£995 + VAT for London)

3 days

Windows Presentation Foundation is the new technology for designing forms-based applications from Microsoft. It offers prettier screens, better data-binding, styling of controls and a more web-like development environment.

This course aims to teach you the basics of WPF: laying out forms, binding to data using datagrids and using styles and resources. A full colour courseware manual will be available afterwards for any additional topics which time did not allow us to cover.

The course is ideally suited to people who have some programming or web development background. You will write code using Visual C# within Visual Studio, and link to a SQL Server database.

We don't have any dates scheduled for this course, but we may well consider adding them - it's always worth asking  (or consider an onsite WPF training course).

Course Contents

WPF basics

  • Training topicUsing Visual Studio
  • Training topicWPF and WinForms compared

Basic windows

  • Training topicUnderstanding XAML
  • Training topicBasic WPF controls
  • Training topicChanging control properties
  • Training topicRunning applications

Handling events

  • Training topicCoding buttons and controls
  • Training topicDisplaying messages
  • Training topicThe event arguments

Visual C# coding

  • Training topicIndentation and commenting
  • Training topicCreating variables
  • Training topicUsing IF conditions

Layout controls

  • Training topicUsing Grid controls as tables
  • Training topicStackPanels and DockPanels
  • Training topicOther layout controls


  • Training topicLinear and radial gradients
  • Training topicGradient stops and offsets
  • Training topicImage brushes

Drawing and transformations

  • Training topicRectangles and ellipses
  • Training topicPolygons and polylines
  • Training topicLayout and render transforms


  • Training topicSetting the target type
  • Training topicNamed styles
  • Training topicInheritance of styles


  • Training topicStyle and control resources
  • Training topicData type resources
  • Training topicResource dictionaries

Covered if time allows If time

Menus and toolbars

  • Training topicMenus and menu items
  • Training topicContext menus
  • Training topicToolbar trays and toolbars

Basic binding

  • Training topicThe concept of binding
  • Training topicListboxes and comboboxes
  • Training topicBinding to arrays and lists
  • Training topicData context

ADO.NET and data binding

  • Training topicCreating a connection
  • Training topicDatasets and data tables
  • Training topicData adapters


  • Training topicStyles for datagrids
  • Training topicColumn templates
  • Training topicSorting datagrids
  • Training topicHandling datagrid events

Deploying applications

  • Training topicClickOnce deployment
  • Training topicPublishing an application

Covered if time allows If time

Triggers and animations

  • Training topicProperty triggers
  • Training topicEvent triggers
  • Training topicStoryboards and animations

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Sample customer feedback

"We had an excellent trainer, patient, knowledgeable and engaging. I would certainly recommend this course to a friend."

Alistair Smalley (Weybourne Ltd)

"Very good course, paced correctly, full answers given. Like the memory stick; will be very, very useful."

Robert Stevenson (Cross Keys Homes)

"Great course. Knowledgeable trainer."

Hardeep Padam (Skills Funding Agency)

"I learnt a lot and the trainer was very patient and helpful. It was a very worthwhile course."

Jeff Maddocks (Emerson Industrial Automation)

"Advantage of this course over any other I've been on, is that it's extremely flexible and the trainer responded to all questions as we went without needing to go away and get back via email."

Dmitrij Zukov (Express Gifts Ltd)

There are lots more where these came from (or just refresh this page to change the quotes shown).

Although there is no formal pre-requisite for those attending this course, you will find it difficult if you are new to both programming and web development.

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