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WinForms using C# training course

£895 + VAT for most venues (£995 + VAT for London)

3 days

Visual C# is the latest incarnation of the C# programming language, and this course shows you how to use C# to create Windows applications. The course uses Visual Studio as a development environment, and covers everything from creating DataGridViews to working with menus and toolbars. An ideal 3-day introduction to C# programming!

We don't have any dates scheduled for this course, but we may well consider adding them - it's always worth asking  (or consider an onsite WinForms training course).

Course Contents

Starting with C#

  • Training topicWinForms or Windows Presentation Foundation?
  • Training topicStarting with Visual Studio

Creating forms

  • Training topicDrawing controls
  • Training topicFormatting forms

Running forms

  • Training topicThe start-up form
  • Training topicBuilding and running forms

Coding form events

  • Training topicForms and their events
  • Training topicThe two event arguments

Laying out your code

  • Training topicCommenting out code
  • Training topicUsing regions

C# variables

  • Training topicCreating and using variables
  • Training topicThe types of variable

Enumerations and constants

  • Training topicEnumerations
  • Training topicConstants


  • Training topicUsing IF and ELSE
  • Training topicThe SWITCH statement

Advanced controls

  • Training topicRichTextBoxes, etc
  • Training topicDateTimePickers, etc
  • Training topicThe WebBrowser control

Covered if time allows If time

Properties in C#

  • Training topicRO, WO and RW properties
  • Training topicCoding properties

Covered if time allows If time

Using lists

  • Training topicPopulating lists
  • Training topicFinding items

Validating forms

  • Training topicForm and control validation
  • Training topicUsing ErrorProviders

Toolbars, menus and status bars

  • Training topicCreating menus and toolbars
  • Training topicContext (right mouse) menus
  • Training topicCoding menus and toolbars

FileDialogs and StreamReaders

  • Training topicStandard file dialog boxes
  • Training topicStreamReaders and StreamWriters

Debugging and trapping errors

  • Training topicThe TRY clause
  • Training topicStepping through code
  • Training topicSetting breakpoints

Data sources and datasets

  • Training topicConfiguring datasets
  • Training topicPopulating comboboxes, etc

Introduction to DataGridViews

  • Training topicApplying styles and formatting
  • Training topicAnchoring columns and grids
  • Training topicEditing columns

Making DataGridViews editable

  • Training topicCreating the SQL statements
  • Training topicSaving changed data

DataGridView events

  • Training topicReacting to events
  • Training topicValidating and Validated events
  • Training topicConditional formatting

Complex DataGridViews

  • Training topicIncluding comboboxes
  • Training topicIncluding clickable buttons
  • Training topicLinking to DetailsView forms


  • Training topicPublishing a system
  • Training topicInstalling your application

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Sample customer feedback

"Good all round. Very useful."

Mike Prendergast (Countess of Chester Hospital)

"Excellent coverage of the subject in a logical way. Questions were dealt with efficiently. The course (recommended by work colleagues) is delivered in a light-hearted way but you still feel like you learn a lot. It is the personal approach that gives you an element of flexibility, whilst still covering all the subjects."

Chris Rees (Linney Group Ltd)

There are lots more where these came from (or just refresh this page to change the quotes shown).

While no prior experience is essential, you will find this course difficult if you do not have any previous experience of either programming or database design.

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