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Classroom training -  Python programming

Classroom Training

Python Programming

Classroom training course - online version also available

£1,450 + VAT for most venues (£1,595 + VAT for London)

3 days

Python is probably the world's second favourite programming language after JavaScript, and is catching up on first position fast.  It's used for data analysis, machine learning, graphics, websites and so much more.

This three-day course aims to get you up and running with programming in Python.  You won't need any previous programming experience (although you'll find the course easier and get more out of it if you've done some programming in other languages).  The course starts by teaching the building blocks of Python (variables, lists, conditions and loops), but moves onto practical examples as soon as possible.  The course uses Visual Studio as a development environment (the Community edition of this powerful development tool is available as a free download from Microsoft).

Course details

  • Locations for Python programming coursesPossible locations:London, Manchester, Online
  • Next Python programming course locationNext classroom course:Wed 08 December 2021
  • Python programming course timesTime:10.00-16.30

Course Contents

The contents of this course are as follows:

Getting started

  • What Python is used for
  • Visual Studio
  • Creating Python projects
  • The interactive window

Basic coding

  • Working with variables
  • Getting input
  • Printing output

Debugging programs

  • Stepping through code
  • Setting breakpoints

Working with data types

  • Manipulating strings
  • Formatting numbers
  • Referencing dates
  • Getting and converting type


  • Sequential ranges
  • Custom ranges

Lists and tuples

  • Creating lists
  • Appending, popping, etc
  • Lists versus tuples

Covered if time allows If time

Working with sets

  • Creating sets
  • Set operations

Covered if time allows If time


  • Key/value pairs
  • Retrieving items

Slicing and splitting

  • Slicing strings
  • Slicing lists
  • Splitting and joining

Conditions and loops

  • Testing conditions
  • Looping over lists
  • Enumerating lists

Covered if time allows If time

Comprehensions and maps

  • Lambda functions
  • Mapping functions to lists

Working with files

  • Opening and closing
  • Using WITH
  • Reading and writing
  • Looping over lines

Functions and modules

  • Defining functions
  • Importing modules
  • Passing arguments
  • Optional arguments

Error handling

  • The try clause
  • Handling exceptions

Useful standard modules

  • Maths functions (MATH)
  • Operating system calls (OS)
  • Regular expressions (RE)

Working with web pages

  • The REQUESTS module
  • Scraping websites
  • Processing HTML

Covered if time allows If time

Working with JSON

  • The JSON module
  • Loading and dumping data

Working with databases

  • The PYODBC module
  • Connections and cursors
  • Looping over rows

Data analysis

  • NumPy and Panda
  • Shaping data
  • Creating dataframes

Visualising data

  • An overview of MatPlotLib
  • Python visuals in Power BI

You'll find this course easier if you have some previoius programming experience in another language, although it's not a necessary pre-requisite to attend.

Why Choose Us?

Sample customer feedback

Our thanks to everyone who agreed to share their thoughts (note that some of these reviews may be for our online courses).

"Our trainer was awesome. He very clearly knows his subject inside out, and this was evident in his delivery. He wasn't phased by anything and could look at my colleague's code and know exactly what was going on. He was especially good at helping us with our own code, and giving us a gentle nudge in the right direction. Overall, I would rate this course 11/10. It delivered exactly what was promised and more. I would have struggled to get budget for both Basic and Advanced, so this course was spot on the money (literally)."

Josh Richards (Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service)

"Engaging course & exercises are a good way to learn; course manual very well written and supportive. Impressively made graphs and coding interesting. "

Matt Saunders (Bloom Services)

"We had a fantastic trainer, really knew her content and was an expert in Excel. As someone who is self taught in Excel having someone so knowledgeable, showing us the correct way to do things was fantastic."

John David (STMicroelectronics (R&D) Ltd)

"Excellent course, which I think works really well when run remotely."

Kevin Springall (Marley Ltd)

"Really enjoyed the course. Great pace. Learnt loads of useful tips. Looking forward to advanced course. Great website."

Nicola Leah (Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Ltd.)

There are lots more where these came from (or just refresh this page to change the quotes shown).

Scheduled Python programming training dates

Here are the classroom Python programming courses we have scheduled for the next 3 months:

Dates Days Venue Price Booking
Wed/Fri 08-10 December 2021 3 £1,450 Book places
Date(s) Venue

All prices exclude VAT. If you can't see the dates you want, ask us about running onsite Python training at your offices (we'll even provide and set up the computers).

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