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Classroom training -  Python programming

Classroom Training

Python Programming

Classroom training course - online version also available

£1,195 + VAT for most venues (£1,395 + VAT for London)

3 days

Python is probably the world's second favourite programming language after JavaScript, and is catching up on first position fast.  It's used for data analysis, machine learning, graphics, websites and so much more.

This three-day course aims to get you up and running with programming in Python.  You won't need any previous programming experience (although you'll find the course easier and get more out of it if you've done some programming in other languages).  The course starts by teaching the building blocks of Python (variables, lists, conditions and loops), but moves onto practical examples as soon as possible.  The course uses Visual Studio Code as a development environment (it's a free download from Microsoft and runs on any platform).

Course details

  • Locations for Python programming coursesPossible locations:London, Manchester, Online
  • Next Python programming course locationNext classroom course:No classroom dates
  • Python programming course timesTime:09:30-16:30

Course Contents

The contents of this course are as follows:

Getting started

  • Installing Python
  • Getting started using IDLE

Basic coding

  • Python variables
  • Testing conditions
  • Printing and f-strings

Visual Studio Code

  • Installing with extensions
  • Configuring settings
  • Useful short-cuts

Running and debugging

  • The code runner extension
  • Stepping through code
  • Setting breakpoints

Ranges and loops

  • WHILE loops
  • Breaking out of loops
  • Ranges of numbers

Virtual environments

  • Why you need a virtual environment
  • The VENV command
  • Activating virtual environments

Working with modules

  • Installing modules using PIP
  • System modules (OS and SYS)
  • Maths functions (MATH)


  • Tuples versus lists
  • Iterating over sequences
  • Slicing sequences
  • Joining and splitting

Manipulating lists

  • Adding/removing items
  • Sorting lists
  • Shallow and deep copies

Files and folders

  • Reading and writing
  • Using WITH
  • Looping over lines
  • Looping over folders using GLOB

Error handling

  • The try clause
  • Handling exceptions

Working with data types

  • Manipulating strings
  • Numbers and Booleans
  • The DATETIME module

Working with sets

  • Sets versus lists
  • Examples of set use


  • Key/value pairs
  • Retrieving items


  • Defining functions
  • Passing arguments
  • Optional arguments
  • Modular programming

Scraping websites

  • Understanding HTML
  • The REQUESTS module
  • Using BeautifulSoup


  • List comprehensions
  • Generators

CSV and Excel

  • Reading and writing CSV files
  • Using OPENPYXL
  • Workbooks, worksheets and cells

Covered if time allows If time

Working with JSON

  • The JSON module
  • Loading and dumping data

Covered if time allows If time

Working with databases

  • The PYODBC module
  • Connections and cursors

Covered if time allows If time

Overview of Tkinter

  • Creating windows
  • Drawing forms with widgets
  • Assigning events

Overview of NUMPY

  • Arrays and shapes
  • Filling arrays
  • Slicing arrays
  • Array operations

Overview of Pandas

  • Dataframes and series
  • Reading/writing dataframes
  • Dataframe calculations
  • A look at matplotlib

Covered if time allows If time

Power BI and Python

  • Getting Python data
  • Python visuals using dataframes

You'll find this course easier if you have some previoius programming experience in another language, although it's not a necessary pre-requisite to attend.

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Sample customer feedback

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"Good pace and insight."

Richard Finn (Edge Hill University)

"Great course. Very knowledgeable trainer."

Harry Handley (Sainsburys Bank)

"An excellent course, well delivered with a knowledgeable tutor."

Graham Davies (Lex)

"Our trainer was very nice and personable, great teacher and answered questions efficiently. She was also good at identifying the group experience level and tailoring taught content to this level and to what we wanted to learn, when there was time. Good that the most necessary sections were taught and other relevant pages were highlighted for our future reference. Notepad and pen were a nice addition to the course pack."

Vanessa Anucha (STMicroelectronics (R&D) Ltd)

"Thank you for being so patient with me."

Patricia Amadi (Gravesham Borough Council)

There are lots more where these came from (or just refresh this page to change the quotes shown).

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