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Classroom training -  Python classes

Classroom Training

Using Classes in Python

Classroom training course - online version also available

£950 + VAT for most venues (£1,095 + VAT for London)

2 days

If you already know how to program in Python (an ideal preparation would be to attend our three-day Python programming course), you're probably aware that you're missing a part of the picture: classes.  This two-day course teaches what object-oriented programming is, and how you can design and code classes to make programming quicker, easier and more fun!

Course details

  • Locations for Python classes coursesPossible locations:London, Manchester, Online
  • Next Python classes course locationNext classroom course:No classroom dates
  • Python classes course timesTime:09:30-16:30

Course Contents

The contents of this course are as follows:

Introduction to classes

  • An example class
  • Designing properties / attributes
  • Designing methods

Coding classes

  • Simple classes
  • Instantiating objects


  • Instance attributes
  • Setting attributes on the fly
  • Class attributes


  • Instance methods
  • Different ways to instantiate
  • Class methods

Read/write properties

  • Getting and setting values
  • Private underscored variables
  • Action propeties


  • Designing for inheritance
  • Inheriting classes
  • Overloading
  • Using "super"

Dunder methods

  • Doc strings
  • String represenations of objects

Understanding existing classes

  • Viewing definitions
  • Everything is a class

Covered if time allows If time

A case study

  • Aim of the program
  • Choosing the objects
  • Properties or methods?
  • Implementing your classes

You must already now how to program in Python to attend this course (an ideal preparation would be to attend our three-day Programming in Python course).

Why Choose Us?

Sample customer feedback

Our thanks to everyone who agreed to share their thoughts (note that some of these reviews may be for our online courses).

"Very knowledgeable, personable trainer - made the training really easy and enjoyable."

Michael Abson (Durham County Council)

"A great trainer who explained everything so well and in detail. He would help if you had questions or were stuck on anything. Course content was also really good and covered a lot of areas."

Lauren Buck (Micro Scooters)

"Very handy. I tend to unfortunately try and focus too much on things I think I might use, instead of the overall course. The trainer is very good at showing why the whole picture is important."

Connor Wilkinson (Micro Scooters)

"The course was very well delivered. Our trainer was very knowledgeable and his jokes even brought a positive mood to the course. He was very helpful and delivered the course at a very good pace, will definitely be doing another course with you in the future. I chose this course to gain more of an understanding how to use the different elements of SQL to manipulate the data in our council performance system. This has certainly helped me a lot and I am more confident of filtering data, using joins etc which I was a bit apprehensive about before."

Scott Lea (City of Lincoln Council)

"Good course that covered my needs with the added benefit of being the only trainee, meant a smooth flow to the course covering everything from Basics to Advanced. Run at my pace of learning which was excellent. "

Owen Mosse (Permastore Ltd)

There are lots more where these came from (or just refresh this page to change the quotes shown).

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