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Power BI Tools Training

Introduction to Power BI Desktop (2 days)

£695 + VAT for most venues (£795 + VAT for London)

There are three parts to creating a Power BI Desktop report, all of which are covered by this two-day course.  Firstly, you'll learn how to get data from all manner of different sources, using Query Editor to manipulate the results; secondly, you'll learn how to create, format and use visualisations (tables, charts, gauges, maps and many more); and thirdly, you'll learn how to create calculated columns and measures using basic DAX language.  You'll also learn how to use Power BI Web, and get an overview of Power BI Mobile.  If you're not sure whether you want to book on this course or on our two-day Excel Power BI tools course, have a look here.

Course details

  • Locations for Introduction to Power BI Desktop coursesLocations:Manchester, London
  • Next Introduction to Power BI Desktop course locationNext course:Tue 28 November 2017
  • Introduction to Power BI Desktop course timesTime:09.30-16.30

Course Contents

Basic reports

  • Training topicGetting data
  • Training topicBasic visualisations
  • Training topicShapes, text boxes and images

Data sources

  • Training topicSQL Server / databases
  • Training topicExcel / text files
  • Training topicWebsites and web serivces

Query editor

  • Training topicFiltering rows
  • Training topicManipulating columns
  • Training topicWorking with data types

Covered if time allows If time

Advanced query editor

  • Training topicGrouping and pivoting
  • Training topicCreating new columns
  • Training topicBasic M formula language

Multiple tables

  • Training topicRelationships
  • Training topicFilter directions

Covered if time allows If time


  • Training topicCreating parameters
  • Training topicFiltering by parameter

Filtering data

  • Training topicSlicers
  • Training topicVisualisation level filters


  • Training topicInteractions
  • Training topic"See records" feature
  • Training topicHierarchies

Formatting visualisations

  • Training topicThe formatting panes
  • Training topicConditional formatting


  • Training topicWorking with charts
  • Training topicSpecific chart type issues
  • Training topicGrouping and binning

Other types of visualisation

  • Training topicWorking with matrices
  • Training topicWorking with cards

Dashboard visualisations

  • Training topicGauges
  • Training topicSingle-number visualisations
  • Training topicKPIs


  • Training topicCategorising data
  • Training topicIssues with maps

Calculated columns

  • Training topicAdding columns
  • Training topicIF and SWITCH
  • Training topicThe RELATED function


  • Training topicHow measures work/tuples
  • Training topicAdding measures
  • Training topicBasic DAX


  • Training topicCreating calendars
  • Training topicUsing multiple calendars
  • Training topicWorking days

Date functions

  • Training topicPeriod to date
  • Training topicPrevious periods
  • Training topicOther date functions
  • Training topicSemi-additive measures

Covered if time allows If time

Advanced measures

  • Training topicAggregateX functions
  • Training topicThe CALCULATE function
  • Training topicThe FILTER function
  • Training topicDAX variables

Covered if time allows If time

Roles and security

  • Training topicCreating roles
  • Training topicDAX restrictions

Publishing reports

  • Training topicPower BI accounts
  • Training topicPower BI files (PBIX)

Power BI Service Overview

  • Training topicDifferences from PBI Desktop
  • Training topicWorkspaces
  • Training topicFavorites

Using Power BI Service

  • Training topicReports and dashboards
  • Training topicUsing tiles
  • Training topicPinning to dashboards

Overview of Excel tools

  • Training topicPower BI Publisher for Excel
  • Training topicAnalyze for Excel

Covered if time allows If time

Overview of other tools

  • Training topicPower BI Mobile overview
  • Training topicPower BI Pro overview

Why Choose Us?

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Sample customer feedback

"The trainer was very good and friendly. Very informative. Relaxed and friendly, good touch on going out to a restaurant for lunch."

David Barnes (Trafford Housing Trust)

"l thought the course was fantastic and really helpful and the training materials were of a really high standard. It is not often when going on a training course that you can work through the training and manual afterwards which is a credit to Wise Owl Training. I also wanted to thank your excellent trainer; his style of teaching was very good. He has a lot of patience with less experienced people like myself and was always willing to help us when we got stuck. I would definitely like to attend some other courses."

John Groves (Kinase Consulting Limited)

"A very good introduction to a very powerful analytical tool! I chose the course on the basis of good feedback from colleagues."

Ewan Gadd (Department for Education and Skills)

"Really good pacing and appreciated the chance to practice at regular intervals. The trainer made what seemed complex at the outset very approachable."

Chris Chandler (Trafford Housing Trust)

"Best course in a long time, particularly as it was right down to the daily needs (already used knowledge last night.) Very good and detailed course material."

Michael Gruetzner (Sherwood Compliance Services)

There are lots more where these came from (or just refresh this page to change the quotes shown).

Power BI Desktop is a standalone application, so there are no pre-requisites for attending this course.

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