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Classroom training -  Advanced Power Automate

Classroom Training

Power Automate Advanced 2-day training course

Classroom training course - online version also available

£950 + VAT for most venues (£1,095 + VAT for London)

2 days

If you've mastered the basics of creating flows in the cloud, maybe it's time to see what else you can do in Power Automate?  This two-day course will show you how to perform various advanced flow tasks such as:

  • creating advanced expressions;
  • performing  admin tasks like sharing, monitoring and scheduling flows;
  • creating adaptive cards to pass data between applications;
  • using Microsoft Graph to register for apps;
  • linking to social media APIs; and
  • understanding how Power Automate flows and Azure Logic Apps relate to each other

Alternatively, why not consider learning how to create desktop flows instead, using Power Automate Desktop?

We don't have any dates scheduled for this course, but we may well consider adding them - it's always worth asking.

Alternatively, you could enquire about running the course in your office or even (if available) as a tailored online course.

Course Contents

The contents of this course are as follows:

Power Automate Mobile

  • The mobile app
  • Examples of mobile flows
  • Managing push notifications

Monitoring flows

  • Monitoring flow runs
  • Tracking data
  • Viewing analytics

Sharing flows

  • Creating team flows
  • Granting permissions

Linking flows

  • Parent-child flows
  • Importing and exporting

Scheduling flows

  • Creating a schedule
  • Recurring flows
  • Recurrence triggers

Adaptive cards

  • How adaptive cards work
  • Posting cards
  • Processing responses

Microsoft Graph

  • Creating app registrations
  • Testing using Postman
  • Http-triggered flows
  • MS Graph API tokens

Advanced expressions (1)

  • Working with strings
  • Working with collections
  • Converting data

Advanced expressions (2)

  • Getting at workflow informaiton
  • Parsing URLs
  • Reading JSON and XML

Workng with social media

  • Connecting to Twitter
  • Monitoring tweets
  • Collating results

Azure Logic Apps overview

  • Azure Logic Apps vs Power Automate
  • The tools you'll need
  • The web-based designer
  • Creating basic ALA apps

You should only attend this course if you have already attended the two-day Wise Owl Introducton to Power Automate course, or if you've been using Power Automate in anger for some time already.

Why Choose Us?

Sample customer feedback

Our thanks to everyone who agreed to share their thoughts (note that some of these reviews may be for our online courses).

"Really enjoyed the course. I did know a lot of the content but by doing it a different way. This course showed me ways of doing things differently, some being much quicker. The trainer was very supporting and approachable, which made learning the new ways so much easier."

Kristine Ogden (Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA))

"Our training group all had differing SSRS experience due to being self-taught, but the course was tailored to suit our specific needs which we really appreciated. The trainer asked for subjects we would like to focus on and this really helped us get the most out of the training. I enjoyed the course and I am looking forward to putting what I learnt into practice."

Charlotte Hall (Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust)

"Great trainer & course. Would highly recommend."

David Kirby (Waltham Forest Council)

"This course was bespoke and not only met our needs, actually provided the team with additional skills and knowledge of Excel which will make us quicker and more effective in the future. Our trainer was patient and thorough and only moved on when she knew everyone had understood and demonstrated they could complete the exercise. Would definitely recommend Wise Owl."

Katie Davis (Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA))

"Excellent course, ideally paced. The way the trainer explains things makes it so easy to understand. I really love how interactive the Wise Owl courses are, you never feel that you're being talked at, you always feel like you are in control and never left behind."

Paul Maxwell (Innogy Business Services UK Ltd)

There are lots more where these came from (or just refresh this page to change the quotes shown).

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