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Visual Basic Training

Visual Basic for Beginners Training Course

£695 + VAT for most venues (£795 + VAT for London)

2 days

This introductory course focuses on how to write programs in Visual Basic (called VB by its friends, and also VB.NET). Forget about the user interface (this two-day course does), but learn instead how to use conditions, loops, error-trapping and all of the other standard VB programming techniques.

Course details

  • Locations for Introduction to VB.NET coursesLocations:Manchester
  • Next Introduction to VB.NET course locationNext course:Thu 13 September 2018
  • Introduction to VB.NET course timesTime:09.30-16.30

Course Contents

Basics of forms

  • Training topicCreating basic forms
  • Training topicForm events

Coding in VB.NET

  • Training topicWriting routines
  • Training topicCommenting and uncommenting
  • Training topicUsing code regions

Variables and constants

  • Training topicDefining variables
  • Training topicScope of variables
  • Training topicConstants

Covered if time allows If time


  • Training topicCreating enumerations
  • Training topicChanging integer values

Testing conditions

  • Training topicIF, ELSE and END IF
  • Training topicUsing SELECT CASE

Passing arguments

  • Training topicWriting modular code
  • Training topicByRef and ByVal
  • Training topicCreating functions

Using arrays

  • Training topicDefining arrays
  • Training topicUsing arrays to split text


  • Training topicFixed number of iterations
  • Training topicLooping UNTIL or WHILE
  • Training topicLooping over collections

Working with files

  • Training topicStreamreaders and streamwriters
  • Training topicDefining scope with USING
  • Training topicFileInfo / DirectoryInfo


  • Training topicDebugging applications
  • Training topicStepping through code
  • Training topicDefining breakpoints

Error trapping

  • Training topicTRY / CATCH
  • Training topicThe DEBUG.PRINT statement


  • Training topicThe wonderful VB list
  • Training topicAdding and removing items
  • Training topicFinding items

Creating properties

  • Training topicTypes of property
  • Training topicWriting properties

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Sample customer feedback

"Good speed of course and wide variety of content."

John Nairn (Hall and Woodhouse Ltd)

"Trainer was attentive to everyone. Pace of course was good - not too overwhelming. Exercises were useful for reinforcing what we have learnt."

Sophie Barton (NHS South, Central and West CSU)

"The trainer is very knowledgeable and a very good presenter."

David Edwards (Branston Ltd)

"I gotta say that from someone who wasn’t looking forward to the course, I’m not a techy person so I was worried I would struggle, I actually really enjoyed the course. Not only is the trainer a very nice guy who is very good at putting people at ease but he is also a great trainer and really helped me to understand the course content. He had everything prepared really well, no waiting about for him to give us exercises to do. I don’t think he had a question he couldn’t answer for us and he structured the day well too and everything fitted in nicely with the schedule he gave us at the beginning of the course. He was also keen to show us your website and the helpful videos that we can look to after the course if we needed to refresh our memories. I also liked the little freebies he provided like the USB stick (really helpful for taking all you did on the course home) and the exercise and course books. Then sweets/chocolate was another good touch. I’ve always tried to steer myself away from getting too technical as I don’t have that kind of mind and hence I find it all a little boring and I knew of SQL before the course and never found it interesting but the trainer was able to keep me fully engaged and interested. If we ever need a course that you guys cover, I will definitely be pushing my boss to go with you guys again. "

Martin Mitchell (Penguin Random House Group Ltd)

"Superb! Excellent content, good coverage, manuals are super, the web tutorials look great too! I will recommend."

Tracy Little (Department for Education)

There are lots more where these came from (or just refresh this page to change the quotes shown).

Although it's not a pre-requisite, you'll find this course much easier if you've already done some programming in another language.

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