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Classroom training -  Fast track Power Automate

Classroom Training

3-day intensive Power Automate cloud/desktop training

Classroom training course - online version also available

3 days

Are you confused about the difference between Power Automate (which allows you to automate what you do in the cloud) and Power Automate Desktop (which does the same thing on your desktop computer)?  Microsoft haven't helped by creating two quite different products with almost identical names!  This fast-track three-day course aims to give an overview of the two products, putting you in a position where you can decide for yourself how you can use each software application to automate parts of your day-to-day work.

Course details

  • Locations for Fast track Power Automate coursesPossible locations:London, Manchester, Online
  • Next Fast track Power Automate course locationNext classroom course:No classroom dates
  • Fast track Power Automate course timesTime:09:30-16:30

Course Contents

This fast-track course combines topics from the following other Wise Owl courses:


Getting started

  • Creating flows
  • Comments
  • Input and message boxes

Working with Excel

  • Opening and closing
  • Getting and writing data
  • Other Excel actions


  • Stepping through flows
  • Setting breakpoints


  • Referring to variables
  • Managing variables
  • Viewing variable values


  • Looping N times
  • Conditonal loops
  • Looping over collections


  • Populating lists
  • Looping over lists
  • Adding to and clearing lists


  • Testing conditions (IF)
  • Multiple conditions (SWITCH)


  • Creating subflows
  • Running subflows

Covered if time allows If time

Input and output variables

  • Calling flows
  • Filling output varaibles
  • Referencing input variables

Error handling

  • Testing buttons, files, etc.
  • Error-handling for actions
  • Error blocks for flows

Files and folders

  • Manipulating files
  • Working with folders
  • Reading / writing text files
  • Using CSV files

Different data types

  • Getting the date
  • Converting dates to text
  • Testing for numeric input

Mouse and keyboard

  • Sending keys
  • Mouse clicks

User intefaces (UIs)

  • UI elements revisited
  • Capturing data
  • Filling in forms

Data tables and rows

  • Populating data tables
  • Looping over data rows
  • Collapsing data columns

Browsing websites

  • Using different browsers
  • UI elements
  • Problems you may encounter
  • Extracting data

Recording flows

  • Recording your steps
  • Limitations of recording

Emails and Outlook

  • Using Outlook
  • Sending emails
  • Extracting attachments

SQL Server

  • Opening connections
  • Reading data
  • Running stored procedures


  • Adding images
  • Using in website automation
  • Deleting unused images


  • Reading tables and text
  • Reading images

Getting started

  • What Power Automate is and does
  • Software licensing overview
  • Logging on

Creating flows

  • Using templates
  • Creating new flows
  • Viewing the underlying JSON

Basic flow concepts

  • Adding actions
  • Understanding triggers
  • Setting variables

Conditions and loops

  • Syntax of conditions
  • Condition groups
  • Switch statements
  • Types of loop

Basic expressions

  • Syntax of expressions
  • Common functions

Automating Excel 365

  • Signing on to Office 365
  • Common Excel actions


  • Linking to email servers
  • Creating flow rules
  • Downloading attachments
  • Working with Outlook

Files and folders

  • OneDrive, DropBox, etc
  • Copying and moving files
  • Other file/folder operations

Covered if time allows If time


  • Linking to SharePoint
  • Working with SharePoint lists
  • Copying and moving files
  • Storing data in SharePoint

Covered if time allows If time


  • The Teams bot
  • Connecting to Teams
  • Posting content
  • Adding calendar items


  • SQL Server gateways
  • Linking to Azure
  • Connecting to databases
  • Retrieving/changing data


  • Creating online forms
  • Types of input
  • Publishing surveys
  • Processing replies

Handling errors

  • Debugging techniques
  • Logging errors

Covered if time allows If time

Power Platform integration

  • Linking to Power BI
  • Linking to Power Apps

There are no particular pre-requisites you should fulfil to attend this course, although you'll get more out of the Power Automate side if you have some familiarity wtih Teams and SharePoint.

Why Choose Us?

Sample customer feedback

Our thanks to everyone who agreed to share their thoughts (note that some of these reviews may be for our online courses).

"I would like to say that I really enjoyed the course, I learned more than I was expecting and the trainer delivered this above my expectations. The user guides and exercise book have been really good to refer back to. I have also used the you tube videos for reference as well and found these to be of a great use. I will recommend this company and this course to other users in our authority and other authorities I work with. Thank you once again for delivering this to us. "

Daniel Smoker (Havering Council)

"This is my second training and as before, the trainer was knowledgeable and very clear with his explanations. He was able to tailor the course to match my experience and I am very satisfied overall. I wanted to improve my SSAS skills. Though the course was about a model we don't use at work right now, I am positive I will get the opportunity to put it to good use."

Folakemi Ayoade (Bank of England)

"For our team we have been searching for a good quality course to teach us PowerBI and I and my colleague left the course last week genuinely excited about what we can achieve using the available data and all of the functionality in PowerBI. The course was well structured and pitched at exactly the right level, in terms of existing knowledge. I was very happy with the course and felt that it fulfilled my/our needs perfectly. Other colleagues in the department had already been on the course and recommended it so were keen to get places when our colleague advised us he was setting up more sessions."

Ian Hawkins (Derby and Burton Hospitals NHS FT)

"A fantastic trainer. He went above and beyond tailoring the course to suit me and even included examples that are not usually on the course. I really enjoyed the set up for learning online - everything was easy to navigate and the trainer could both share his screen and watch my screen to ensure I was following along. This course was chosen after positive feedback from another colleague who completed the same course."

Chloe Lewis (North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust)

"I thought this was a really well run, well presented & useful course. Our trainer was excellent and clearly very knowledgeable. He managed to keep the course entertaining and maintained energy levels throughout the course which is very impressive given he was running the course remotely. I thought the pace of the course was good and requiring participants to continually work alongside the trainer really helped me concentrate and practice the SQL skills. Finally I was impressed by Wise Owl's organisation in ensuring that there were no IT issues by checking connections etc in advance. Thank you!"

Jen Steel (East of England Co-op)

There are lots more where these came from (or just refresh this page to change the quotes shown).

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