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PowerPivot / Excel Power BI (2 days)

£650 + VAT for most venues (£750 + VAT for London)

Excel can do so much more than simple pivot tables!  This two-day course will show you how to:

  • create simple, elegant data models in PowerPivot;
  • use these data models to create pivot tables based on multiple tables;
  • use queries to build queries to extract, transform and load data (this used to be called Power Query, but is now integrated in Excel);
  • start to use the DAX language for more in-depth analysis of data;
  • analyse time series data ("compare this month's sales with the same period in the previous quarter");
  • create hierarchies, and display them in pivot tables;
  • create and display KPIs in Excel;
  • understand what Power BI Desktop is, and how it is the same in many ways as PowerPivot / Power Query;
  • create visualisations in Power BI Desktop (tables, charts and matrices);
  • understand how to publish Power BI Desktop reports to the cloud, and pin tiles to dashboards.

Note that you'll need to be using Excel 2016 (or 2013) Professional Plus or Office 365 ProPlus to be able to use the Power BI (Power Business Intelligence) features within Excel.

Course details

  • Locations for PowerPivot / Excel Power BI coursesLocations:Manchester, London
  • Next PowerPivot / Excel Power BI course locationNext course:Thu 19 October 2017
  • PowerPivot / Excel Power BI course timesTime:09.30-16.30

Course Contents

PowerPivot data models

  • Training topicImporting SQL Server tables
  • Training topicFiltering rows/columns
  • Training topicData and diagram view
  • Training topicHiding from client view
  • Training topicRelationships

Pivot tables using PowerPivot

  • Training topicDrill-down vs Quick Explore
  • Training topicSlicers and timelines
  • Training topicControlling what you see

Using Excel tables

  • Training topicCreating and naming tables
  • Training topicAdding to data models

Using other data sources

  • Training topicImporting Access and Excel
  • Training topicImporting cubes
  • Training topicPasting from the clipboard

Getting data (Power Query)

  • Training topicQuerying databases
  • Training topicWeb pages and XML files

Transforming data (Power Query)

  • Training topicSplitting columns
  • Training topicMerging and inserting columns
  • Training topicOther transforms

Calculated columns

  • Training topicCreating calculated columns
  • Training topicUsing the RELATED function
  • Training topicBLANK and SWITCH


  • Training topicThe all-important query context
  • Training topicImplicit calculated fields
  • Training topicAutoSum fields
  • Training topicCreating in Excel and PowerPivot

DAX basics

  • Training topicThe DAX Studio add-in
  • Training topicCalculating ratios
  • Training topicAggregate X functions

The CALCULATE function

  • Training topicReplacing filters
  • Training topicUsing ALL
  • Training topicUsing VALUES to edit filters

Covered if time allows If time

More advanced DAX functions

  • Training topicUsing FILTER to filter tables
  • Training topicRanking
  • Training topicThe EARLIER function


  • Training topicCreating in Excel or SQL
  • Training topicLinking to calendars
  • Training topicSorting months
  • Training topicMultiple date tables

Date functions

  • Training topicPeriod to date
  • Training topicFiscal year calculations
  • Training topicParallel periods
  • Training topicSemi-additive measures


  • Training topicCreating hierarchies
  • Training topicPros and cons


  • Training topicRelative KPIs
  • Training topicAbsolute KPIs


  • Training topicCreating perspectives
  • Training topicViewing parts of a model

Power View

  • Training topicWhat Power View is
  • Training topicWhy not to use it!

Power BI Desktop overview

  • Training topicImporting data
  • Training topicVisualisations
  • Training topicSimple drill-down
  • Training topicPublishing dashboards

Covered if time allows If time

Power BI Desktop maps

  • Training topicLocalising data
  • Training topicTypes of map

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Sample customer feedback

"Excellent course. Very enjoyable. Can't wait to take these skills back to the office."

Claire Jones (Swiss Reinsurance Management Ltd)

"Showed structure and importance of data model, with lots of practical examples, answered specific requests of most attendees and best lunches I've ever had on a course."

Rainer Pratl (CFA Institute)

"Very efficient booking process, course materials top notch and trainer very knowledgeable and friendly. Lack of shortbread compared to last week - disappointing!"

Jon Arshad (The Camping and Caravanning Club)

"Good speed of course and wide variety of content."

John Nairn (Hall and Woodhouse Ltd)

"Very useful exercises and explanations."

Diego Salinas (APPE Europe)

There are lots more where these came from (or just refresh this page to change the quotes shown).

This course uses Excel 2016 Professional Plus or Office 365 ProPlus.

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