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£795 + VAT for most venues (£950 + VAT for London)

2 days

We have other courses which show how to create basic DAX measures as part of other applications, but this is the DAX course for hard-core programmers!  Learn how to create calculated columns and measures using DAX, and how to write DAX queries to interrogate databases.  On the way you'll pick up lots of clever techniques for building data models, including ways to model multiple calendars, parent-child hierarchies and dynamic security.  The course uses PowerPivot for editing measures, but the techniques learnt apply equally well to Power BI Desktop and Analysis Services (tabular model).

Course details

  • Locations for DAX coursesLocations:Manchester, London
  • Next DAX course locationNext course:Tue 18 September 2018
  • DAX course timesTime:09.30-16.30

Course Contents

Data models

  • Training topicLinking to data
  • Training topicCreating a data model

Calculated columns

  • Training topicCreating calculated columns
  • Training topicIF and SWITCH
  • Training topicShowing RELATED data
  • Training topicDealing with blanks

Basic measures

  • Training topicCreating measures
  • Training topicUnderstanding filter context
  • Training topicUsing a measures table
  • Training topicAggregateX functions


  • Training topicThe CALCULATE function
  • Training topicRemoving and replacing context
  • Training topicThe FILTER function
  • Training topicVALUES: editing filter context

Understanding EARLIER

  • Training topicHow it works
  • Training topicBanding using EARLIER
  • Training topicRanking using EARLIER

Calendars and dates

  • Training topicCreating a calendar
  • Training topicDate-based functions

Advanced date functions

  • Training topicMultiple relationships
  • Training topicMoving averages
  • Training topicCreating a periods table

Covered if time allows If time

Dynamic security

  • Training topicCreating a permissions table
  • Training topicDynamic roles

Covered if time allows If time

Parent-child hierarchies

  • Training topicThe PATH functions
  • Training topicDisplaying different levels
  • Training topicMaking the results neater

DAX queries

  • Training topicEvaulating data
  • Training topicSummarising data
  • Training topicFiltering data
  • Training topicAdding columns

Why Choose Us?

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Sample customer feedback

"The course is brilliant. I now feel, after a long time tinkering with SSRS by myself that I am now on the right track, simply because of this course. The trainer is great at explaining the complexity of it in simple terms. I would happily recommend this course! The online courseware is excellent and really helped me understand my requirements to get the most out of this course."

Adil Zeshan (James Brindley School)

"All really good thanks. Had good reviews on Google, so booked."

Michael Barlow (Garic Ltd)

"Hope all is well and you had a great weekend. I attended your SQL Report Writing class last week. Wanted to say thank you for teaching it in such a great, straight forward way. I have already written my first report (see attached) – geek fest! ? Thanks again, you are a fantastic trainer. Engaging, personable, and very knowledgeable. Awesome! "

Megan Walker (Bond International Software (UK) Ltd)

"Excellent. Very encouraging tutor, useful manuals, enjoyed the course. Contents excellent for level being taught."

Chas Mills (Guardian Industries UK Ltd)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training provided. The trainer was very helpful and clear in her approach. "

Liz Clarke (Whitecroft Lighting Ltd.)

There are lots more where these came from (or just refresh this page to change the quotes shown).

You should be familiar with Excel pivot tables.  This course also requires a high degree of numeracy!

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