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Advanced Power BI Training Course

£795 + VAT for most venues (£950 + VAT for London)

2 days

If you've mastered the basics of creating Power BI reports, you may like to find out what else it can do - but you should only consider attending this course if you use Power BI regularly.  Learn how to create report themes and templates, find out how to use quick measures and bookmarks, delve further into Query Editor and maps, and much more!

Course details

  • Locations for Advanced Power BI coursesLocations:London, Manchester
  • Next Advanced Power BI course locationNext course:Tue 05 March 2019
  • Advanced Power BI course timesTime:09.30-16.30

Course Contents


  • Training topicCreating parameters
  • Training topicIncluding in data models
  • Training topicReferencing in measures

Advanced data models

  • Training topicConnecting to folders
  • Training topicChanging the source using M
  • Training topicDynamic connections

Advanced Query Editor

  • Training topicUnpvioting data
  • Training topicMerge transforms
  • Training topicAppend transforms

Custom visuals

  • Training topicThe play axis slicer
  • Training topicThe Chiclet slicer

Quick measures

  • Training topicCreating quick measures
  • Training topicQuick date measures

More on maps

  • Training topicWorking with shape files
  • Training topicThe MapBox visual
  • Training topicCreating synoptic panels

Action buttons

  • Training topicAssigning actions to shapes
  • Training topicInserting buttons
  • Training topicHover and select effects


  • Training topicCreating bookmarks
  • Training topicFiltering using bookmarks
  • Training topicSpotlighting and hiding visuals

Advanced bookmarks

  • Training topicPage and help buttons
  • Training topicDynamic page titles
  • Training topicInformation pop-ups

Report themes

  • Training topicUsing JSON to create themes
  • Training topicChanging the default font
  • Training topicCreating simple themes
  • Training topicSetting specific property defaults

Power BI Templates

  • Training topicCreating templates
  • Training topicIncluding themes
  • Training topicUsing parameters

Covered if time allows If time

BI mobile

  • Training topicUsing the app
  • Training topicCreating BI apps

Covered if time allows If time

More on Power BI Service

  • Training topicRow security
  • Training topicQ&A
  • Training topicAnalysing in Excel

Why Choose Us?

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Sample customer feedback

"Fantastic courses with an engaging trainer. Content and pace was perfect."

Andrew Witt (Coloplast Ltd)

"(Intro Power BI) Excellent pace for 2 days. Plenty of interaction and humour. Great lunch breaks. (DAX) Excellent course. Very well delivered on a "tricky" topic which could have sent me slightly mad. Great pace of delivery. This is the first time I felt I could do the same course again! (Advanced Power BI) Excellent delivery of a new course. Quick measures were very useful after the DAX course (a good compliment.)"

John Pelan (Coloplast Ltd)

There are lots more where these came from (or just refresh this page to change the quotes shown).

To attend this course you must be familiar with creating Power BI reports, and use Power BI on a weekly basis.

Scheduled Advanced Power BI training dates

Here are the Advanced Power BI courses we have scheduled for the next 3 months:

Dates Days Venue Price Booking
Tue/Wed 05-06 March 2019 2 £795 Book places
Thu/Fri 21-22 March 2019 2 £950 Book places
Thu/Fri 02-03 May 2019 2 £795 Book places
Tue/Wed 14-15 May 2019 2 £950 Book places
Tue/Wed 25-26 June 2019 2 £795 Book places
Thu/Fri 11-12 July 2019 2 £950 Book places
Thu/Fri 22-23 August 2019 2 £795 Book places
Tue/Wed 10-11 September 2019 2 £950 Book places
Tue/Wed 01-02 October 2019 2 £795 Book places
Thu/Fri 03-04 October 2019 2 £795 Book places
Thu/Fri 14-15 November 2019 2 £950 Book places
Tue/Wed 26-27 November 2019 2 £795 Book places
Date(s) Venue

All prices exclude VAT. If you can't see the dates you want, ask us about running onsite Power BI training at your offices (we'll even provide and set up the computers).

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