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Advanced Power BI Desktop Training Course

£795 + VAT for most venues (£950 + VAT for London)

2 days

If you've mastered the basics of creating Power BI Desktop reports, you may like to find out what else it can do - but you should only consider attending this course if you use Power BI Desktop regularly.  Learn more about maps, brush up on your DAX skills, find out about parameters, data clusters and binning, explore some of the more advanced chart types and learn more about Query Editor transforms.  This course finishes with a case study on creating and publishing a Power BI Desktop report from scratch.

We don't have any dates scheduled for this course, but we may well consider adding them - it's always worth asking  (or consider an onsite Power BI training course).

Course Contents

More on mapping

  • Training topicCreating shape maps
  • Training topicUsing TopoJSON files
  • Training topicUsing ArcGIS

Drill-through and bookmarks

  • Training topicDrill-through fields
  • Training topicThe selection pane
  • Training topicCreating/using bookmarks
  • Training topicAction buttons

Techniques and ideas

  • Training topicPicture tables
  • Training topicTreemap slicers

Advanced Query Editor

  • Training topicMerging and appending tables
  • Training topicPIVOT and UNPIVOT
  • Training topicUsing source folders

Review of DAX measures

  • Training topicQuery context
  • Training topicAggregateX functions
  • Training topicThe CALCULATE function


  • Training topicCreating parameters
  • Training topicIncluding in data models
  • Training topicReferencing in measures


  • Training topicCreating hierarchies
  • Training topicUsing in drill-down

Binning and clustering

  • Training topicCreating bins
  • Training topicCustom bins
  • Training topicData clustering

Charting techniques

  • Training topicWaterfall breakdown
  • Training topicUsing funnel charts
  • Training topicScatter and bubble charts

Useful custom visuals

  • Training topicCharting custom visuals
  • Training topicOther custom visuals

A full case study

  • Training topicLoading the data
  • Training topicCreating the measures
  • Training topicCreating the visuals
  • Training topicPublishing the report

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Sample customer feedback

"Cheers for the pen! (also brilliant content, delivery and execution.) Friendly website, course covered all desired stuff. Lots of food for thought!"

Andrew Bryant (Foot Shop Ltd)

"Fantastic course and trainer. Easy to follow course content and material. I needed to learn SQL - your content covered what I needed for my job."

Sarah Kenn (Fostering Solutions)

"Very interesting, helpful. Very useful manual that is easy to follow and very descriptive."

Holly Jones (Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust)

"Great course. Well done. Trainer was great."

Garry Dooey (PricewaterhouseCoopers Services Ltd.)

"Excellent. The trainer is very knowledgeable on subject matter and happy to assist on any adhoc queries we had."

Adam Willmott (Civil Aviation Authority)

There are lots more where these came from (or just refresh this page to change the quotes shown).

To attend this course you must be familiar with creating Power BI Desktop reports, and use Power BI Desktop on a weekly basis.

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